Blown a Wish – A Dive into the Lush Soundscape of Desire and Doom

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. A Whirlwind of Whispers: Unraveling ‘Blown a Wish’
  5. Collecting Stars: The Trove of Memory in Melody
  6. Echos of Eternity: Wrestling with Promises in a Sonic Web
  7. The Embrace of Annihilation: Love’s Fatal Conclusions
  8. Sound in Color: The Imperceptible Language of ‘Blown a Wish’


Midnight wish
Blow me a kiss
I’ll blow one to you
Make like this
Try to pretend it’s true

Show me all your favorite things
Show you all mine too
Make a wish
I’ll give it all to you

Hold on to your promises
Hold on to mine too
Caught like this
I’ll turn it in with you

Fall apart my bleeding heart
Nothing left to do
Once in love
I’ll be the death of you

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My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Blown a Wish’ is a haunting soundscape, a song that wraps around the listener like a velvet fog. It’s a track off their 1991 seminal album ‘Loveless,’ a record that still reverberates through the halls of alternative music. ‘Blown a Wish’ stands as a testament to the emotive power of MBV’s signature, densely layered sonic approach, one that defies the conventions of traditional lyricism and embraces a more ethereal, abstract form of storytelling.

The song is often overshadowed by the album’s more abrasive cuts, but those who tune into its frequencies find a deep well of sentiment, an intimate portrait of desire and loss. This analysis doesn’t just scratch the surface of ‘Blown a Wish’; it digs into the layers of fuzz, reverb, and hushed vocals to unveil the compelling tapestry of emotion that Kevin Shields and co. have woven.

A Whirlwind of Whispers: Unraveling ‘Blown a Wish’

In ‘Blown a Wish,’ the listener is enveloped in a whirlwind of whispered intimacy. The ethereal vocals float above a soundscape that is at once alien and achingly familiar, compelling in its fuzzed-out warmth. Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher’s barely decipherable lyrics seem to murmur secrets meant only for the dead of night, the reciprocal ‘blow me a kiss’ a tender pact forged in shadows.

Despite the muffled delivery, a sense seems to emerge, that of longing interwoven with a nihilistic acceptance of its futility. The phrase ‘Make like this’ suggests a facade, an illusion concocted to stave off the encroaching reality of unfulfilled wishes and the performance of happiness.

Collecting Stars: The Trove of Memory in Melody

My Bloody Valentine excels at painting pictures with sound, and ‘Blown a Wish’ is a masterful stroke of their auditory brush. When the lyrics beckon, ‘Show me all your favorite things/Show you all mine too,’ there is a sense of collecting stars in a shared night sky, a mutual exchange of personal relics and memories cradled in melodic distortion.

Yet, in this sharing there is also an undercurrent of impermanence, as throughout ‘Loveless,’ what’s given can just as quickly be taken away. The song’s beauty lies in its ability to mirror the ephemeral nature of our most cherished experiences and to encapsulate them in the amber of sound.

Echos of Eternity: Wrestling with Promises in a Sonic Web

The line ‘Hold on to your promises/Hold on to mine too’ emerges as a whispered mantra—an invocation that seeks to bind two souls together amidst the entropy of love. In the lattice of noise and harmony, there’s both a plea for constancy and an acknowledgment of the fragility of the bonds we forge.

This is Shields’ genius; he crafts a dichotomous experience, layering the comforting with the unsettling, enveloping us in a sonorous terrain that is as gripping as it is intangible. And just as promises are made to be either kept or broken, ‘Blown a Wish’ holds us in a sonic web, suspended between hope and inevitability.

The Embrace of Annihilation: Love’s Fatal Conclusions

Perhaps the song’s most profound impact is delivered in its closing lines, ‘Once in love/I’ll be the death of you.’ Here, ‘Blown a Wish’ crystallizes the dangerous dance of intimacy. Love, in its most consuming forms, carries the potential for self-destruction, a wish granted that turns to a curse.

It is this acceptance of love’s potential for harm that imbues the song with a tragic beauty. The acknowledgment that what we desire most could lead to our unravelling is a theme that resonates throughout ‘Loveless,’ and with ‘Blown a Wish,’ the message is delivered in a hauntingly poetic whisper.

Sound in Color: The Imperceptible Language of ‘Blown a Wish’

‘Blown a Wish’ speaks in the imperceptible language of sound, a lexicon defined more by vibration than by verse. The dialogue is in the layers of noise, the interplay of guitar effects, and the warp and weft of Butcher’s dream-like vocals.

For those willing to listen beyond the words, the song offers a narrative painted in broad strokes of color and texture. This is My Bloody Valentine’s gift: the ability to excavate deep feeling from what cannot be pinned down by language alone, to create a resonant experience that thrums with the heartbeat of hidden meaning.

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