Soon – Unraveling the Shoegaze Enigma

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. A Shoegaze Ode to the Complexity of Love
  5. Uncovering the Song’s Hidden Narrative
  6. The Allure of Magnetic Melodies
  7. Dive Into the Mantra of Reconciliation and Hope
  8. Unforgettable Phrases That Capture the Shoegaze Spirit


Wake up
Don’t fear
I want to
Love you
Yeah (doll of pain)
I let you get to me
Yeah yeah

Come back
Don’t be
Afraid of me
That (I’ll harm you)
Your eyes are blue
Blue jewels
Yeah yeah

Come back
Have faith
Someone like you
Can find the reason
Of what I did to you
Yeah yeah

Wake up
Don’t fear
I want to
Love you
Yeah (doll of pain)
I let you get to me
Yeah yeah

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There exists in music certain songs that not only stand the test of time but also defy the limitations of genre to create an entirely new sonic landscape. My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Soon’ is one such track—a staple in the shoegaze canon that has left fans and critics alike searching for meaning amidst its swirling guitars and hushed vocals.

Beyond its revolutionary soundscape, ‘Soon’ harbors lyrical depths that remain just as elusive and captivating. At its heart, the song seems to explore themes of love, fear, and reconciliation, but Kevin Shields’ oblique songwriting encourages a myriad of interpretations. Let’s dive into the mesmerizing ambiguity of ‘Soon’ and attempt to decipher the emotions and stories woven into its brief, but potent, lyrics.

A Shoegaze Ode to the Complexity of Love

The repetitive nature of the chorus, ‘I want to love you,’ exposes a longing that feels both earnest and fraught with hesitation. Kevin Shields, the mastermind behind My Bloody Valentine, delivers these words as if they are being spoken through a veil—a message from one heart to another, distorted by personal doubt and internal barriers.

In the spaces between the reverbed strums and the drum machine’s hypnotic rhythms, ‘Soon’ becomes a mantra for those who’ve faced the tumult of love. It acknowledges the courage it takes to love openly after pain, suggesting an eventual overcoming of fear, a sentiment that resonates with anyone who’s been at emotional crossroads.

Uncovering the Song’s Hidden Narrative

The lines, ‘I let you get to me,’ and ‘Your eyes are blue, blue jewels,’ indicate a narrative where vulnerability and adoration play lead roles. Has the speaker been wounded in love? Is this a tale of heartache and beauty met with guarded trepidation? Shields’ lyrics are famously abstract, but they evoke a story of intimacy and the delicate dance of getting close to someone.

The mention of ‘blue jewels’ suggests a preciousness in the intimacy shared with the other, an irreplaceable uniqueness that is cherished deeply—a stark contrast to the preceding ‘doll of pain,’ which hints at past hurts and scars that might adorn one’s emotional persona. It’s as if ‘Soon’ narrates the duality of damage and devotedness that comes with deep relational entanglements.

The Allure of Magnetic Melodies

Musically, ‘Soon’ represents the pinnacle of My Bloody Valentine’s aural alchemy. The song’s guitar work wraps listeners in a cocoon of sound, with Shields’ pioneering use of glide guitar providing a sense of endless motion and transcendence.

This hypnotic quality of the music complements the lyrical themes perfectly, as if the soundscape itself is trying to seduce the listener into a state of ease, to relinquish fears and embrace love. The song invites you to be swept away, much like the ebb and flow of the emotions and experiences it depicts.

Dive Into the Mantra of Reconciliation and Hope

‘Come back, have faith,’ is a plea that reverberates with the rawness of human emotion. By repeating these sentiments, ‘Soon’ becomes an incantation of hope—a belief in the restoration of a broken connection.

The song seems to reach out not only to a lost lover but to the listener as well, encouraging a leap of faith back into vulnerability. ‘Soon’ delivers an unspoken promise that despite past hurt, there can be healing and the return of something once thought lost.

Unforgettable Phrases That Capture the Shoegaze Spirit

The song’s memorable lines, ‘Don’t fear,’ and ‘Wake up,’ resonate with the notion of awakening not just from sleep but from a disabling fear that holds one back from life and love.

These words epitomize the shoegaze ethos—an invitation to immerse oneself fully into the moment, to experience the intensity and rawness of emotion without reservation. In ‘Soon,’ My Bloody Valentine elegantly crafts a microcosm of the human experience that lingers with listeners long after the guitars have faded into silence.

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