Bon Iver’s “Faith” Lyrics Meaning

This is a song about the titular topic of faith or more specifically the singer’s personal feelings towards the subject. And the notion he seems to be relaying is that at one particular juncture in time he was privy to faith being a defining factor in his life. However, as time progressed he moved away from this particular lifestyle. And the reason he has done so is because he was not able to perceive the benefits which “faith provides”.

Bon Iver is a band that uses a lot of personal metaphors in their musical presentations. So sometimes understanding what they are saying specifically can be a challenge. However, a definitive theme can be derived from this song.  And that is while the singer may still be “the faithful kind”, the whole idea of living by faith does not appeal to him as much now as it did in his earlier stages. And even if this transition in his worldly outlook results in his losing the game of life, he is still “satisfied”. In other words, it reads as if he recognizes a potential risk in not staying on the religious path yet is willing to take it in the name of personal evolution.

Lyrics of "Faith"

Facts about “Faith”

  • The famed Brooklyn Youth Chorus provides some choral vocals to this track.
  • “Faith” was released on 11 July 2019 by Jagjaguwar record label. It is one of the tracks featured on Bon Iver’s 2019 album I, I (or i,i).
  • Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon both wrote and produced this track. However, he had help on both fronts. On the production side, he was assisted by Chris Messina and Brad Cook. And on the writing side, he worked with songwriters BJ Burton, Camilla Staveley and Francis Farewell Starlite.

Did Bon Iver release “Faith” as a single?

Yes, they did. The track actually came out as one of the singles from the album I, I. Other notable singles from this album include “U (Man Like)” and “Hey, Ma“. And by the way, I,I is the fourth studio album of Bon Iver.

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3 Responses

  1. Hueman says:

    Bummer, I was gonna share it with my church friends because it seemed promising. Probably not the best song for that..

    • tsaw says:

      maybe show it to them anyways? Christ taught us to question everything, after all.

    • Jaycee says:

      That’s exactly why you show it. Question everything. Find beauty in something new, from something old. But above all else question. If your “faith” is dependent on it never being challenged, then maybe it’s not worth having. What if this whole new direction is the best thing that ever happened?
      At the end of the day, chances are it won’t change anyone’s mind, but they will have listened to a ridiculously good song.

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