“Both of Us” by Jayda G

This is lyrically terse like dance songs sometimes are but does a good enough job of dropping enough innuendos to derive a complete narrative from. And such would be, logically speaking, that the vocalist and addressee are in a troubled romance. 

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Moreover, from the singer’s perspective it would be the addressee fault. In other words, Jayda seems convinced, via the phrase “I can love enough for both of us”, that she has what it takes to hold this relationship down. Yet at the same time she conversely states “I can’t love enough for the both of us”, implying that her efforts are not fully appreciated.

That said, the story eventually ends with the expression “I just want to be with you”. That would mean despite whatever discontent she is facing in this relationship, she would rather stay with the addressee than to break up. So the further implication is that the latter has to make more of a conscientious effort to appreciate her, since her love for him is real.

Lyrics to Jayda G's "Both of Us"

Release Date of “Both of Us”

This song by Canadian DJ Jayda G. was released on May 26 of 2020 from the EP, “Both of Us / Are U Down”.

The aforementioned EP was released on 3rd of July, 2020 by the following record labels:    

  • Ninja Tune
  • JMG Recordings

Did Jayda write “Both of Us”?

The song was composed through a collaboration between Jayda G herself and a British songwriter, singer and record producer, Fred again..


  • Dance
  • Electronic


This song earned Jayda a nomination for the award, “Best Dance Recording” at the 63rd edition of the Grammy Awards. Kaytranada ft. Kali Uchis’ “10%” ended up winning the award. The category was made up of the following nominees:

  • Diplo & Sidepiece’s “On My Mind”
  • Disclosure ft. Aminé & Slowthai’s “My High”
  • Flume ft. Toro y Moi’s “The Difference”
Both of Us

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