Brand New Sun by Take That

Brand New Sun was officially released on 24 November 2023, along with the rest of the album it’s featured on, which is Take That’s This Life. However, it was also made public on its own a week prior, serving as the project’s second single, following the album’s lead single, Windows.

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Songwriting and Production Credits

The long-standing trio that has held down the Take That brand throughout the years – Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Gary Barlow – are credited with writing this song alongside Jamie Norton and Ben Mark.  And the song’s producer is Jennifer Decilveo.

The Lyrics to Brand New Sun

This track, as with the others we’ve thus far looked at from This Life, most simply put revolves around the vocalist promoting positivity thinking. But in the case of Brand New Sun, the piece starts off reading like a love song. And along those lines, it isn’t such that Gary is necessarily encouraging the addressee to think positively on his or her own. Instead, this is more of a joint sentiment, i.e. one where, as idealized, the singer and the person he’s singing to emotionally and psychologically feed off of each other in the name of remaining perpetually optimistic.

So this song does not represent a general statement of encouragement, as with some of the other tracks on the album. Instead, the vocalist is privy to making such a commitment, i.e. openly going through the trials of life together, with this particular addressee, thus implying that this is someone he truly loves. And he is confident that if they both adopt such a disposition, then together “every day” will be “followed by a brand new sun”, a statement that sounds as if he is looking forward to enjoying a life which is continually and refreshingly edifying alongside this person he cares so much about.

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