Meaning of Take That’s March of the Hopeful

Gary is singing to someone who he’s obviously in a meaningful relationship with, i.e. one where they have seemingly faced a number of trials together. Based on the nature of certain lyrics, it’s easy to imagine that the addressee is his significant other, but that’s never specified. More to the point is their contrasting characters, i.e. the singer being “an optimist”, while the person he’s singing to reading like someone who is perhaps considering going her separate way. But keeping within the overall theme of This Life, Gary’s disposition is along the lines of being committed to toughing things out as opposed to giving up.

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Indeed, the singer makes it abundantly clear that he is privy to ‘starting again’, which, in context, we will take as meaning that he wants to rectify his relationship with the addressee rather than beginning from scratch with someone else. As such, he is encouraging this loved one to open her mind and be more optimistic. That is to say that reading in-between the lines, it can be gleaned that their relationship reached a peak and then plummeted. But unlike the other party involved, Gary is confident that they can learn from the past, “compromise”, rebuild and once again forge ahead.

Facts about this Song

March of the Hopeful is one of 12 songs found on the standard playlist of This Life, Take That’s ninth-studio album, which is a project that EMI Records put out on 24 November 2023.

The aforementioned Gary Barlow is the lead singer of Take That. And he’s acknowledged as an author of March of the Hopeful, as are his bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald, in addition to the contributions of Jamie Norton and Ben Mark.

This track was produced by Dave Cobb, who is a Nashville-based musician. And on that note, it should be pointed out that This Life was recorded in the United States and in part in Nashville, despite Take That being an act that hails from England.

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    This song is sang by Howard, not Gary.

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