Breathing – A Dive Into the Depths of Love and Regret

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Torment of Sleepless Intimacy
  5. A Pulse Revealed: The Song’s Hidden Meaning
  6. The Bleeding Lyrics: When Emotions Resonate
  7. Sinking Like a Weight: The Weight of Regret
  8. Haunting Echoes: The Lines That Linger


Eyes are feeling heavy
But they never seem to close
The fan blades on the ceiling spin
But the air is never cold
And even though you’re next to me
I still feel so alone
I just can’t give you anything
For you to call your own

And I can feel you breathing
And it’s keeping me awake
Can you feel it beating?
My heart sinking like a weight

Something I’ve been keeping locked away
Behind my lips
I can feel it breaking free
With each and every kiss
I couldn’t bear to hurt you
But it’s all so different now
Things that I was sure of
They have filled me up with doubt

And I can feel you breathing
And it’s keeping me awake
Can you feel it beating?
My heart sinking like a weight

I can feel you breathing
It’s keeping me awake
Could you stop my heart?
It’s always beating
Sinking like a weight

How am I suppose to feel about the things I’ve done
I don’t know if I should stay or turn around and run
I know that I hurt you
Things will never be the same
The only love I ever knew, I threw it all away

And I can feel you breathing
And it’s keeping me awake
Can you feel it beating?
My heart sinking like a weight

I can feel you breathing
It’s keeping me awake
Could you stop my heart?
It’s always breathing
Sinking like a weight

Full Lyrics

Yellowcard’s ‘Breathing’ is more than just another rock anthem from the early 2000s. Within its melodic undercurrents and emotive lyrics lies a complex narrative on love, personal turmoil, and the silent battles that rage within. As the song weaves through themes of emotional presence and absence, it leaves listeners with raw pulses of the pain that accompanies recognizing one’s own faults in a relationship.

Teetering between the angst of pop-punk and the emotive stylings of emo, ‘Breathing’ offers an intricate look into the turbulence of young love, internal struggles, and the profound effect that proximity and emotional connection can have on an individual’s psychosomatic experience. Let’s peel back the layers of this song and explore what truly beats at the heart of its lyrical journey.

The Torment of Sleepless Intimacy

The opening verse of ‘Breathing’ encapsulates a sensation all too common in troubled relationships: the paradox of closeness and distance. The imagery conjured by the unmoving fan and the weighty eyelids paints a picture of a restless night, where physical proximity to a loved one does nothing to alleviate the underlying sense of isolation.

As the suffocating stillness fills the room, the protagonist is haunted by an awareness of their partner’s very existence, a presence that, despite its warmth, amplifies their internal coldness. This sets the tone for the song’s deep dive into the themes of disconnection and the silent cries that often go unheard in the space shared by two individuals.

A Pulse Revealed: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

At first listen, one might quickly categorize ‘Breathing’ as a straightforward narrative of angst-ridden love, but the song’s true heartbeat lies in its exploration of regret and self-awareness. It’s about the fear of vulnerability, the quiet terror of giving a piece of oneself away, and the realization that doing so could cause irreversible damage.

Every verse seems to peel back a layer of the protagonist’s facade, revealing an inner struggle between the desire to open up and the protective instinct to lock away emotions that might overwhelm their partner. The fear of being both the cause and recipient of hurt echoes throughout, climaxing in a realization of self-inflicted wounds to the very fabric of the relationship.

The Bleeding Lyrics: When Emotions Resonate

Every phrase in ‘Breathing’ bleeds raw emotion, capturing that universal human experience of lying next to someone yet feeling worlds apart. The song’s gripping chorus, with its repeated inquisition, ‘Can you feel it beating?’, challenges listeners to reflect on the heartbeat of their own relationships, and to gauge the weight of their unspoken words and deeds.

The lyrics capture the persistent hum of anxiety that accompanies being at the emotional mercy of another, manifesting physically as heartbeats and breaths that shatter the silence of the night. In those unguarded moments, Yellowcard brings the intangible — fear, love, uncertainty — into a tangible sensory experience.

Sinking Like a Weight: The Weight of Regret

As Yellowcard continues their lyrical descent, they introduce a powerful metaphor: the heart, ‘sinking like a weight.’ It serves as a poignant representation of guilt and the grave consequences of one’s actions within a relationship, imbuing the song with a gravitational pull towards introspection and retrospection.

The heaviness referenced isn’t just emotional but a physical burden, evoking how one’s actions and inactions in love can lead to a sinking feeling, a deep-seated realization that by hurting a partner, one inflicts the deepest wounds upon oneself. It’s a vivid reminder of the fragility and responsibility that comes with letting someone else’s life intertwine with one’s own.

Haunting Echoes: The Lines That Linger

Among the song’s most memorable lines, ‘I know that I hurt you, things will never be the same,’ captures the disheartening epiphany that some mistakes cannot be undone. It encapsulates the irreversible nature of certain decisions and their ability to redefine a relationship forever.

Such candid admissions resonate long after the music fades, serving as both a warning and a lament — a potent mixture of acknowledgment and helplessness. Through ‘Breathing,’ Yellowcard offers a vocalization of the remorse that often goes unspoken, capturing the universal truth that, in love, actions and words, or the absence thereof, can imprint on another’s soul.

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