“Holly Wood Died” by Yellowcard

This song is centered on a character named Holly Wood who serves as the narrator and/or subject on some of the other tracks featured on Yellowcard’s “Lights and Sounds”. This is the concluding track on the album and accordingly is the one in which she apparently meets her demise. And this seemingly occurs via a car crash. So basically “Holly Wood Died” serves as a memorial. 

Yellowcard remembers that Holly was a wild girl who was just looking for fun. And apparently their concern for her even extends into pondering on the state of her afterlife. So when the singer expresses that he is “waiting for” her, such is not likely a literal assertion. Rather this expression seems to operate more along the lines of being a statement of affection. Or another way of looking at it is that the departure of Holly caught all parties off guard. But the band is apparently mature enough to understand that such occurrences are part and parcel of living a certain lifestyle.

Lyrics of “Holly Wood Died”

Facts about “Holly Wood Died”

“Holly Wood Died” came out on 24 January 2006 as part of Yellowcard’s fifth-studio album, “Lights and Sounds”.

It was written by members of Yellocard. They are as follows:

  • Ryan Key
  • Sean Mackin
  • Peter Mosely
  • Longineu W. Parsons III

And the track was produced by Neal Avron.

On 21 October 2019, Yellowcard sued Chicago-based rapper Juice WRLD for allegedly biting “Holly Wood Died” on his 2017 track “Lucid Dreams”. And the amount they demanded in restitution was a hefty $15 million. Juice WRLD himself unexpectedly passed away, at the age of 21, on 8 December 2019. However, this tragedy did not prevent Yellowcard from forging ahead with the lawsuit. Many fans of the late rapper found Yellowcard’s decision to go ahead with the lawsuit very appalling.

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