“Bubblegum K.K.” by K.K. Slider

“Bubblegum K.K.” is a song from the popular “Animal Crossing” videogame franchise.  More specifically it appears in the series’ fourth installment, 2012’s “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”. And it can be found on the soundtrack of that particular endeavor.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for K.K. Slider's Bubblegum K.K. at Lyrics.org.

It is performed by one of the recurring characters in the series named K.K. Slider. This character is an anthromorphic (i.e. human-like) dog and musician who has introduced a number of songs into the franchise.

The track went viral in mid-2020 as it began blowing up on TikTok. The lyrics are actually in a fictional language called animalese. Thus fans have taken it upon themselves to offer their own interpretations of the wording.

“Bubblegum K.K.” can be unlocked in “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” by making a special request when your character comes across  K.K. Slider. However, there is a particular process to successfully doing so.

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