“Bust It Open” by Lil Wil

“Bust it open” is a colloquial phrase that can be used in a number of different ways. But in this particular context, as Lil Wil makes abundantly clear, what he is referring to is bedroom fun. Or more to the point, his sensual performance will have the titular effect on his partner’s lady parts. And what the phrase “bust that [explicit] open” refers to specifically is edifying bedroom fun, particularly from the female’s perspective. 

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Or another way of looking at is that Lil Wil consider himself to be an expert in the art of bedroom fun. And basically, this song details why he is so. And it is specifically addressed to potential intimate partners. Or put differently, he is assuring any lady who gets in bed with him that it will indeed be a gratifying experience.

Release Date of “Bust It Open”

“Bust It Open” came out on 3 June 2008  as a feature on Lil Wil’s only album, which is entitled “Dolla$, TX”.  Its publisher is Asylum Records.

Writing Credits

Lil Wil wrote “Bust It Open”.

NOTE: Due to the “unclean” nature of the lyrics, we are unable to include the audio/video of the song here. You can however, listen to the song on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

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