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Letter 2 My Unborn

2Pac’s “Letter 2 My Unborn” Lyrics Meaning

Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) recorded a bunch of raps shortly before his untimely demise which were eventually released posthumously. One of those is “Letter 2 My Unborn”. And like many other prominent raps he crafted in the...

Hit 'Em Up

2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” Lyrics Meaning

The classic 2Pac and Outlawz song “Hit ‘Em Up” has been called “the most savage diss track ever” and for good reason. Rap music, as we all know, is a genre in which popular artists tend to...

Dear Mama

“Dear Mama” by 2Pac

“Dear Mama” is a tribute to Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur (1947-2016). It is meant to acknowledge her irreplaceable impact on his life and sympathize with the particular struggle she went through as a single...