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Year of the Cat – Unveiling the Mysterious Journey Through Melody

Al Stewart’s ‘Year of the Cat’ is a song that transports listeners to a world of intrigue and romance, set against the backdrop of a timeless landscape that feels both exotic and familiar. With its smooth, progressive rock-infused melody and poetic imagery, the song invites a deep dive into a narrative rich with cinematic references and enigmatic characters.

The Last Day of 1934

“The Last Day of 1934” by Al Stewart

As will be noted later in this post, Al Stewart’s “The Last Day of 1934” is part of an album entitled “Past, Present and Future”. And accordingly the track is based on a historical event that...

"Shah Of Shahs"

“Shah Of Shahs” by Al Stewart

A shah is what the rulers of Iran were traditionally called. This title was not only bestowed upon the actual king of Persia but also its local rulers, i.e. lords and princes. But in this particular case, Al...


“Trains” by Al Stewart

Al Stewart starts off by detailing how locomotives have allowed him and others to move around, fulfilling their own personal aspirations. But later on he references major international events in which these vehicles were also...

"Antarctica" Al Stewart

“Antarctica” Al Stewart

This folk song gives a vivid description of the continent of Antarctica, while recounting the brave attempts by explorers to wander its icy lands. The singer presents the continent as a very beautiful, mysterious...

"A League Of Notions" by Al Stewart

“A League of Notions” by Al Stewart

“A League of Notions” as its title suggests is based on the establishment of The League of Nations following the First World War. In the song, the narrator talks about the Treaty of Versailles which saw...