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Moon Over Mexico by Luke Combs

“Moon Over Mexico” by Luke Combs

“Moon Over Mexico” finds Luke Combs devotedly recalling the moments he spent in the company of a woman in the North American nation of Mexico. He expresses in the song that lying under the...

One Number Away by Luke Combs

“One Number Away” by Luke Combs

On “One Number Away”, the narrator depicts a failed relationship, where both parties try to forget each other and move on, but end up regretting the decision altogether. The singer mentions preoccupying himself with...

Even Though I'm Leaving

Luke Combs’ “Even Though I’m Leaving” Lyrics Meaning

The narrative being told in Luke Comb’s “Even Though I’m Leaving” is one in which the singer’s dad is leaving for war. And apparently, this experience occurred when he was a child. His departure has the...