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Princess of the Night – Decoding the Locomotive Rock Anthem

Bristling with the raw power of classic heavy metal, Saxon’s ‘Princess of the Night’ is not just another song for the band’s fervent fanbase—it’s a tempestuous love letter to a bygone era. Released in 1981 as part of the album ‘Denim and Leather’, this track gallops forward on the might of engines and the romance of the railway.

Saxon's "Witchfinder General"

“Witchfinder General” by Saxon

As you may know, persecution of witches – or more specifically women who have been labeled as such – is a real thing. This was even true for a while in Anglo-American society itself, back...


“S.O.S.” by Saxon

S.O.S. is in fact an acronym, but what it spells out exactly is sort of a matter of debate. But whether you personally translate it as “save our souls” or “save our ship”, which are the...