“Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone

“Come and Get Your Love” is a 1970s hit song recorded and performed by the renowned Native American pop rock band Redbone. In “Come and Get Your Love”, the narrator (Lolly Vegas) addresses his girlfriend, telling her that he loves her just the way she. In his eyes, he sees her as nothing but absolutely perfect.

Apparently Vegas’ girl is trying to change a number of things about herself in order to appear more beautiful. But Vegas assures her there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her that needs changing or modifications. Having encouraged her to accept herself for the very beautiful woman that she is, he tells her to come and get the love he has for her.

In summation, this is a love song in which the singer is encouraging his lover to embrace her inner beauty and feel good about her body.  

Come and Get Your Love Lyrics

Facts about “Come and Get Your Love”

  • “Come and Get Your Love” was written by The song was written by Lolly Vegas. Vegas went on to produce it along with his brother Pat Vegas.
  • This song is till date Redbone’s most successful and famous song. In 1974, it peaked at the fifth position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. That same year, it reached number 2 in Belgium and number 21 in the Netherlands.
  • Redbone released two versions of this song: the short and long versions. The short version had a length of 3:27 and was released as a single. The long version, the album version, had a length of 5:02. The shorter version is more popular than the longer one.
  • In the single version, the song’s title is repeated approximately 29 times.
  • “Come and Get Your Love” can be classified into the following musical genres: pop rock and funk rock. It is also considered a swamp pop song.
  • In 2014 (over 4 decades after its release), this classic gained popularity across the globe once again. How? We hear you ask! It was used in the American superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • In addition to its prominent appearance in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, this song has appeared in several other films and TV series. For example, it was featured in the 1994 drama film Dance Me Outside. It was also used in the TV series Swingtown.
  • In 2018, after being used in a Bouygues Telecom ad, the song became one of the biggest songs in that country in 2018.

When did “Come and Get Your Love” come out?

It was released in January 1974 through Epic Records.

On which album does “Come and Get Your Love” appear?

It can be found on the 1973 album Wovoka. Wovoka was Redbone’s fifth album. It came out in November 1973.

Did “Come and Get Your Love” win a Grammy Award?

No. As a matter of fact, till date, the band is yet to win a Grammy Award.

Are there any cover versions of this classic from Redbone?

Yes. There are numerous covers of this track. One of the most notable of these covers was done in 1995 by the German based musical project called Real McCoy. Their version was so successful that it reached number 19 on the Hot 100 in the United States. It also reached number 19 in the United Kingdom. It also charted in various countries, including Germany.

Other notable versions include versions by the following artists: Boys Town Gang, The Temprees, Cyndi Lauper and Derek Miller.

7 Responses

  1. The Lord Of The Dead(Just to hide my real name so I don't get tracked down for no reason) says:

    Just saying, I LOVE THIS SONG A LOT, it’s been stuck in my head for 3 years straight and it’s still stuck in my head, and I’m still listening to it right now, Come and get your love, I feel good, and I’m not even a girl, I’m a boy, woo.

    • naomi says:

      I listen to this song once, twice or three times/day. Have big crush on Lolly and will always remember him. He was just too sexy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What my concerns are about this song is when he sings “ get from the main vine”
    “I said it find it, go on and love it, it’s your business if you want some take it”. I know this was an era of smoking weed, I feel that’s what he’s talking about in the song. It’s not about all love, come on now really!

  3. Anonymous says:

    first heard the song in 1974 and still listen to the song today. unique rhythm unique lyric.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In at least one video Lolly smiles as he says get it from the main vine oh yeah. It seemed to me he was complimenting his Johnson, telling girl to come to him.

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