“Crossfire” by Rag’n’Bone Man

The lyrics of Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Crossfire” are very ambiguous to begin with. At one juncture (i.e. the chorus), the wording can even be stretched to be said to be alluding to a mass shooting. But what is discernible is that Rag’n’Bone Man is for the most part talking about interpersonal relationship(s). 

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Also the titular term points to there being some type of serious discontent therein. Off the top of our heads, even though there are no direct references to such, we would go further to postulate that the nature of said relationship is romantic. After all, when it comes to songs where pop artists are lamenting the state of an association with a loved one, that loved one would usually be a lover.

So operating under that premise, what we have here is one of those cases where at one point everything was all good. Then just like that, inexplicably so that say, the vocalist feels as if God Himself flipped the switch on his relationship. 

But of course he is reluctant to accept such an outcome. But that being noted, judging by the conclusion of the second verse for instance, his attempts to do so have been in vain.

Are the lyrics of “Crossfire” inspired by a mass shooting?

Going back to the idea of the lyrics being inspired by a mass shooting, such a theory is based primarily on a line in the chorus that reads “we were all caught in the crossfire”. 

That statement definitely sounds like Rag’n’Bone Man is referring to individuals outside of just himself and the addressee. Then he goes on to expound that these same people are “just waiting for a change”. 

Again, such wording comes off as if it relates to something more on a societal level than the personal relationship which highlights the verses. But maybe he is speaking to the sad state of romance in the modern world in general, with the titular “crossfire” being the various types of BS we are exposed to which can lead to the expeditious destruction of a relationship. 

Who knows exactly.  But we are left believing, if nothing else, that the writers of this song knew that at least some people would think of a mass shooting when hearing the chorus.

Lyrics to "Crossfire"

Facts about “Crossfire” and Rag’n’Bone Man

Rag’n’Bone Man’s first album, “Human”, was a major success in Europe and also caught on quite well in Oceania. For instance, in his native Britain, said undertaking topped the UK Singles Chart and has been certified quadruple-platinum by the BPI. 

However, interesting to note is that the project was not so well received stateside. It only managed to peak in the bottom half of the Billboard 200.

Meanwhile “Crossfire” is the third single from his second album, which is called “Life by Misadventure”. Being released by Columbia Records on 30 April 2021, the song has come out a week in advance of the overall project.

The first two singles from “Life by Misadventure” are respectively entitled “All You Ever Wanted” and “Anywhere Away from Here“. The latter was recorded alongside American songstress Pink. Both tracks made it onto the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart.

Rag’n’Bone Man tends to write and produce his own songs, as he has done this one. But he had assistance in both regards. 

For instance, Ben Jackson Cook, another UK-based musician, also served as a co-writer of “Crossfire”. Cook also co-produced it.

Production-wise Mike Elizondo, who actually made a name for himself as a Dre/Eminem collaborator, also participated. And Bill Banwell, a session musician from the UK, contributed to the songwriting.

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