Dark Days by Local Natives Lyrics Meaning – Unveiling the Melancholic Nostalgia of Youth

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Finally what you came for
Finally what you hoped to find
Racing home from her house
Looking out for black and white

Dark days in the summer
A million ways to tow the line
Can’t wait holy other
Might as well be the seventh sign

Ooh, it goes hand in hand
With fear for the afterlife
Ooh, how can we fight it, fight it
If we don’t even know why?

While the dollar is strong
While nobody else relies
When they turn the corner
When you know we’re out of sight

Dark days in the summer
In the rain the water’s fine
It was wild combination
Either that or right down the line

Ooh, it goes hand in hand
With fear for the afterlife
Ooh, how can we fight it, fight it
If we don’t even know why?

I’ve been on the way, I’ve been on the way
I’ve been on my way for so long
I’ve been on the way, I’ve been on the way
I’ve been on my way for so long

Full Lyrics

Local Natives, the indie rock band hailing from Silver Lake, Los Angeles, is known for crafting songs that delve deep into the human experience, encapsulating not just a sound, but the emotions and stories of a generation. ‘Dark Days’ is a track that particularly stands out for its evocative lyrics and lush melodies, inviting listeners on a reflective journey.

The song, from their 2016 album ‘Sunlit Youth’, weaves a tale of nostalgia, personal growth, and the bittersweet nature of time’s passage. Through its haunting narrative, ‘Dark Days’ becomes a sonic canvas painted with the universal shades of yearning and self-realization.

The Inescapable Nostalgia Evoked by ‘Dark Days’

The opening lines of the song, with their immediate reference to a return from a significant other’s house, are steeped in a universal sentiment of nostalgia. The song immediately taps into this notion of looking back, not in regret, but with a complex intermingling of fondness and melancholy.

This pull of the past that the Local Natives encapsulate speaks to the human condition’s atemporal longings. The imagery presented isn’t just about reliving the old days, but about the irreversible mark these moments have left on the individual psyche.

Confronting the ‘Fear for the Afterlife’ Amidst the Everyday

‘Dark Days’ touches upon existential themes as casually as it does the mundane, with lines like ‘It goes hand in hand with fear for the afterlife’. This coupling of the daily race with the pondering of mortality showcases the band’s ability to evoke the profound within the context of the pedestrian.

Local Natives highlights a fundamental human paradox: the simultaneous confrontation with the finite nature of existence and the ongoing struggle to find satisfaction and meaning in the temporal plane, battling these fears without fully understanding their root.

The ‘Million Ways to Tow the Line’ – A Commentary on Choice and Consequence

Through the metaphor of ‘a million ways to tow the line’, the song becomes an anthem that encapsulates the multitude of life’s paths and the inherent anxiety that accompanies this freedom. It addresses the idea that every choice carries weight, and with it, the potential for regret or fulfillment.

This repeated phrase sheds light on the human experience’s intricacies, suggesting a lattice work of decisions that are navigated through with care, doubt, and sometimes defiance, as each individual attempts to find harmony within their own narrative.

The Dichotomy of ‘Dark Days in the Summer’ and Search for Clarity

‘Dark Days in the Summer’ sings as an oxymoron that deftly embodies the complexity of the human spirit. It challenges the expectation that summer, a season typically associated with light and joy, can also carry a sense of heaviness and reflection.

This juxtaposition is a powerful tool used by Local Natives to convey the duality of existence, where beauty and pain coexist, and where the zenith of light must grapple with its shadows. It is a representation of the murky waters one navigates to find moments of lucidity and understanding.

‘Either that or Right down the Line’ – The Quest for Direction amid Chaos

The lines ‘It was wild combination, either that or right down the line’ encapsulates a significant motif of the song – the unpredictable journey that life often is, versus a more linear, perhaps ‘safer’ course. The phrase resonates with the listener’s own experiences of taking risks, making unexpected connections, and facing crossroads.

With this lyrical turn, Local Natives acknowledges the chaotic beauty of life’s dance. It is an invitation to embrace one’s personal narrative, with all its unexpected twists and deviations, as a journey of vibrant authenticity rather than a formulaic procession.

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