David Bowie’s “Blackstar” Lyrics Meaning

In “Blackstar“, Bowie makes several references to death as though it was a final declaration of who he was and what could happen after his departure.

In the second bridge of the song, he points to the fact that someone would replace him after he leaves the earth. There are also numerous phrases that relate to the singer’s exploration of satanism. For instance, he makes mention of the fallen angel and a flash in the pan which are both symbols ascribed to the devil.

Throughout the song however, Bowie presents himself as a kind of religious and societal rebel who is being prompted about his imminent death. He denies being any other kind of star because although he identifies with the kind of power they wield, he wants to be seen in a different kind of light that opposes the general view.

David Bowie passed on few weeks after he released this song.

What does David Bowie mean when he refers to himself as a “Blackstar”?

“Blackstar” in the context of the song takes on two possible meanings. The first and most likely being a reference to the singer’s rise to stardom and his fall to mortality.

Secondly, the term is used in medicine to describe a type of cancer. Since the singer died of liver cancer, it is also possible that he was referring to his illness whenever he mentioned Blackstar.

“I’m a Blackstar”


Bowie presents himself as a significant personality who is making a transition into a state where his legacy is carried on despite his death.

Writing Credits

Bowie (as usual) composed “Blackstar” in its entirety. He also worked with noted American musician and producer Tony Visconti to have the song produced.

When did “Blackstar” come out?

On the 19th of November, 2015, Bowie released this powerful track as the first single from his last studio album. Bowie himself named this very important final album after this song.

History on the Record Chart

“Blackstar” performed well on an assortment of record charts. For example, it went to numbers 61 and 78 in Britain (UK Singles chart) and America (Hot 100) respectively. Now, in relation to the latter chart, history was made as soon as the song charted there. And why? This is because the song, whose album version is approximately 9:57 in length, became the longest to ever chart in the Hot 100.

Bowie held on to this record until it was beaten by Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” in 2019. “Fear Inoculum” has a total running time of 10:21.

“Blackstar” shines at the Grammys

At the Grammys held in 2017, “Blackstar” was one of the biggest winners of the Award’s Night. Having being nominated for multiple Grammys that night, it ended up winning two. One was for the award of the “Best Rock Performance”. And “Best Rock Song” was the second. In winning this, “Blackstar” prevailed over these songs:

  • Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch”
  • Metallica’s “Hardwired
  • Twenty One Pilots’ “Heathens
  • Highly Suspect’s “My Name Is Human”

4 Responses

  1. Eos4477 says:

    The Blackstar is linked to the Black star Sapphire , Sapphire being the gemstone for Virgo. A stone that has asterism properties. Asterism meams *star*. Astraea is the Goddess of Virgo, of innocence-purity-precision-justice (associated with the Libra constellation). Astraea means Star-maiden or Starry Night. She is also considered to represent: The Virgin Mary . However, The Blackstar Sapphire is associated to the planet Venus (goddess of love-fertility-divine feminine-etc) Who is also known as the morning star, but also the evening star. In latin, the word for morning star is lucifer, goddess of love…so long story short. Lucifer is the Dark Goddess or Venus or The Virgin Mary or many other names throughout ancient history like Kali, Inanna, Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite….All LUCIFER :)) So no Lucifer isnt evil or male for that matter.
    Lucifer IS the divine feminine. The brightest star . Roses (western version of the hindu lotus), snakes (healing symbol of the caduceus-kundalini energy ), Kundalini is the hindu version of the Holy Spirit, sapphires are linked to the Virgin Goddess Mary, Divine Mother. So in the end Blackstar is Lucifer

    • Anonymous says:

      I read recently an interpretation on this song saying that in blackstar Bowie exposes papacy being the antichrist. And I have to say I found it very persuasive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t feel there are any meaning in any of these interpretations, this song is definetely not about religion.
    A Big star that dies and becomes a blackhole, this song might have been about himself considering all the facts that come together.
    Like everything elve in the universe, since we were born we fight for survival, believe in religions, rituals and superstitions to fight the pain we create untl eventually the fuel of the star ends, colapses and dies.
    Bowie is an artist, unusual chords that lots of times sound intentionally strange have been his signarute for many years.

  3. Star Angel says:

    On January 8/9, 2022 Venus will become the morning star
    Is this the return of the divine feminine perhaps?

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