“Days Go By” by Dirty Vegas

The logical implication is that the addressee of “Days Go By” is a romantic interest of the singer’s. But it should be noted that such is never openly stated in the lyrics. Rather the primary sentiment being put forth is twofold. First and foremost is that the singer, most simply put, misses the addressee. And second is a notion like the two of them having a troubled relationship. 

Or as he implies at the end of the verse(s), she has a tendency to leave him at the times he may need her the most.  So the further implication is that he’s been dumped.

And that’s what’s actually bringing us back to the first sentiment. Even in the addressee’s absence, the vocalist’s feelings for her remain strong. Or more plainly put, he’s still thinking about her constantly and having a hard time adjusting to life without her.

And maybe we can callously say that such sentiments are to be expected in the aftermath of a dumping. After all, we’ve heard of all this before, even if stating differently. But more to the point is that the vocalist is really and truly hurt. Also as noted earlier, his relationship with the addressee is never specified. 

So a song like this can have a number of relationship applications. And ultimately, by the looks of things, the vocalist is not going to regain contentment until the addressee comes back into his life.

"Days Go By" Lyrics

“Days Go By” Facts

Artist(s): Dirty Vegas
Album/EP: “Dirty Vegas” 

Was “Days Go By” a single release?

Yes. “Days Go By” was the group’s first single from the album with the same title. April 23 of 2002 was Days Go By‘s official release date.


The song was written by Steve Smith and Victoria Horn.

Production: It was produced by the group, Dirty Vegas.


  • House


In 2003 the song won an award for “Best Dance Recording” at the Grammys. It competed with:

Other Facts

Auto giants, Mitsubishi procured rights to “Days Go By” for the purposes of advertisement. The advertisement campaign was able to increase the auto brand’s awareness in America from 44% to 60%.

Chart Performance:

  • US – 14
  • UK – 1
  • Ireland – 4
  • Canada – 6


  • Masif DJ’s (2009)
  • Barefoot (2005)


In 2006, Fall Out Boy sampled this song. The said sample is featured on their “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” song.

Days Go By

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