“Deep Fake” by Architects

The term deep fake is one that you’ve most likely come across, as it refers to a certain type of deceptive technology that has been proliferating of late. That is not what this song is about. Rather, the title only appears twice in the lyrics, that being in the bridge and outro. And what it seems to be referring to, without us beating around the bush, is something like the shiftiness of the powers that be.

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Yes, dear reader, this is one of those songs where the vocalist appears to be lashing out against the rulers of the world, especially as far as its main chorus is concerned. But as for the actual verses and pre-chorus, they are more critical of the masses at large, including, taking pronoun usage into consideration, the singer himself. 

And digging underneath the lyrics, what he seems to be saying most pointedly is that people tend to be too complacent. That is to say that, as presented, we would rather be ruled, even by exploitative authority, as opposed to taking the initiative to truly edify and lead their own lives.

Long and Short of “Deep Fake”

“Deep Fake” contains lyrics that are highly critical of leaders that exploit their followers. However, the lyrics are also critical of the masses who prefer to be controlled by them.

Lyrics to Architects' "Deep Fake"


Architects is a crew of metalcore rockers from England that has been around since the early aughts. From 2006 to 2021 they released nine studio LPs and really seem to have hit their stride with the last one, “For Those That Wish to Exist”, which was their first UK Albums Chart topper (in addition to reaching number one in Australia). 

So hot on the heels of that success, they worked on another album, 2022’s “The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Heart”. 

“Deep Fake”

“Deep Fake” is a product of Epitaph Records. The label issued it as a single on 30 August of 2022. It is actually one of the singles of the band’s aforementioned 2022 album.

The five members of Architects – Sam Carter, Adam Christianson, Alex Dean, Josh Middleton and Dan Searle – are the credited writers of this track. It is also Middleton and Searle, respectively being the act’s lead guitarist and drummer, who produced “Deep Fake”.

Deep Fake

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