“Black Lungs” by Architects

The title of this song (“Black Lungs”) is a term that is usually associated with lung cancer.  And by extension, one of the topics the lyrics deal with is in fact environmental pollution.  However it is just one of many which are alluded to. And holistically, the ideas upon which this track is based are the imminence and inevitability of the end of the world. And as such, there are also understandably quite a few religious references contained therein.

“Black Lungs” was written by the Architects, with additional acknowledgement being given to band member Dan Searle.

Searle also produced the track, alongside Josh Middleton. And the director of its music video is Jeb Hardwick.

This song was released by Epitaph Records and UNFD on 19 November 2020. It is the second single from the Architects’ 2021 album which is titled “For Those That Wish to Exist”.

Who Are the Architects?

The Architects are a British band that was formed back in 2004. At the core it consisted of a pair of twin brothers, Tom Searle and Dan Searle. In 2016 Tom passed away from skin cancer. And as of late 2020 the band’s lineup consists of the following:

  • Dan Searle (drummer)
  • Sam Carter (vocalist)
  • Alex Dean (bass)
  • Josh Middleton (guitar)
  • Adam Christianson (guitar)

Between 2006 and early 2021, the Architects have released nine albums. Their 2016 effort, “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us”, earned them a Heavy Metal Award for Best Album. And they won two consecutive Kerrang! Awards, in the category of Best British Live Act, in 2018 and 2019.

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