Meaning of “Dinner and Diatribes” by Hozier

The song “Dinner and Diatribes” is about Hozier patiently yet painfully enduring an evening of social banter in the company of his shorty and others, while in the back of his mind his only true desire is to be alone with her. This inner longing represents his  general feeling of being disengaged from social gatherings. And somewhat ironically the track was released on Valentine’s Day.

The setting of the song finds Hozier in a club with his shorty. They are also joined by her friends.  However, he does not want to be there. Yet he is willing to suffer through any challenge that stands between him and receiving her love later in the evening, as being the recipient of such is the highlight of his fantasies.

The second verse shows Hozier’s patience in handling this situation. The task logically becomes easier as the night draws to a close, as the fulfilment of his cravings are increasingly imminent. However, most of the track itself is still dedicated to illustrating just how strongly thoughts of romance are permeating Hozier’s mind.

Lyrics of "Dinner and Diatribes"

What Hozier has said about “Dinner and Diatribes”

On February 15th, 2019, Hozier used a Facebook post to shed more light on the lyrics of this song. According to the post, the song is a playful one that attempts crediting the relief one feels when departing a social engagement one dislikes.

Hozier explains the meaning of "Dinner and Diatribes"

Facts about “Dinner and Diatribes”  

  • Writer(s): This song was written by Hozier, who is a multitalented Irish musician.
  • Producer(s): Hozier also produced the track alongside Rob Kirwan.
  • Album/EP: This is the 11th track off of Hozier’s second studio album named Wasteland, Baby! 
  • Release Date: “Dinner and Diatribes” was released for streaming and download on 14 February 2019 (Valentine’s Day).
  • Record Label: The label behind this track is Columbia Records.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: Hozier uses the phrase/song’s title “Dinner and Diatribes” only once in the lyrics.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: In 2014, Hozier posted his personal phone number on Twitter so that fans could give him holler. He said that most callers were “terrified” when they got through because they thought it was a hoax.
  • 3rd Interesting Stuff: Hozier’s real name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne.

What is the meaning of Diatribes?

A diatribe is a noun. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it can be defined as “an angry speech” or a writing that is full of criticisms against a person or a thing. The plural for diatribe is diatribes.

Was this track released as a single from the album Wasteland, Baby?

 Yes. Other singles from that album include “Movement” and “Almost (Sweet Music)“.

Does “Dinner & Diatribes” have an official music video?

Yes. The video, which was released on March 6, 2019, was directed by music video director Anthony Byrnes. It features Hozier and American born British-Argentine actress Anya Taylor-Joy. You can watch the video here.

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