“Dirty Night Clowns” by Chris Garneau

“Dirty Night Clowns” is a song that it so metaphorically-ambiguous that trying to interpret it without knowing its backstory can prove an act of vanity. But as explained by Chris Garneau, the person who inspired this piece is actually a midget child abuser. His modus operandi was to put on clown attire, break into homes and abuse the children found therein. Furthermore, the way Chris has described this case is as a real-life story, implying in the process that one of his friends may have been amongst the victims of said pervert.

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But again, trying to get all or even any of that directly and solely from the lyrics doesn’t really seem possible. But of course such a tale is a deeply-disturbing one, even if relayed in a music industry as liberal as America’s. So it’s understandable why in this case, the artist decided to shroud what’s being said under heavily-metaphorical language. And considering that the title is in fact rendered in plural, it can be said that Chris is using the opportunity to take a jab at child molesters in general, i.e. the “dirty night clowns”.

Chris Garneau, "Dirty Night Clowns" Lyrics

Chris Garneau and “Dirty Night Clowns”

Chris Garneau, who hails from Boston, may not have A list name recognition. But his discography indicates that he’s somewhat of a prolific musician. He actually dropped six albums between 2006 and 2021. 

“Dirty Night Clowns” is from the third of those efforts, a project titled “El Radio”. The project was released on 7 July 2009.

The music video to this song is directed by one Ryan Gibea. The clip actually falls into the classification of a short film.

Over the years, this song has established itself as a firm fan favorite.

The “El Radio” Album

“El Radio” is a studio album by Chris Garneau. It was officially released on the 7th of July 2009 as the American musician’s second album.

Chris, being a record producer himself collaborated with another producer named Saul S. MacWilliams in producing the album.

This 13-tracked album wasn’t marketed by any singles. It was released through two labels, namely:

  • California based independent record label, Absolutely Kosher Records
  • Fargo Records, located in Paris
Dirty Night Clowns

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