“Do It To It” by Acraze (ft. Cherish)

“Do It To It” is a club remix of a song that was originally dropped around 15 years prior. And as such remixes tend to go, only a limited amount of vocals from the original are featured.

So for example in this case, only a snippet from the chorus of the first version of “Do It to It” by Cherish is utilized by Acraze. And they are “bounce with it, drop with it, lean with it, rock with it, snap with it, all my ladies pop your back with it”. Of course, those are instructions to dance. 

Moreover it can be ascertained that, at least to some degree, it is women in particular who are being encouraged to get their groove on. And in that regard they are being urged to ‘pop their backs’, which is another way of saying, excuse our French, to vigorously shake your behind.

So one thing about these club DJs like Acraze is that they don’t tend to beat about the bush when it comes to relaying a thesis sentiment. This is a dance song, and there’s no way, after hearing the lyrics, one could logically think anything otherwise, even if the title itself comes off as being a bit sexual. 

So we may not know exactly what the titular “it” is supposed to be. But as far as “do(ing) it”, that is obviously an inducement to dance, most notably going out to the women in the venue.

Lyrics of "Do It To It"

Facts about “Do It To It”

“Do It to It” is a song that was originally released by a ATL-based girl group called Cherish in 2003. The version we’re covering today is a reworking of that tune by a DJ from Orlando known as Acraze, featuring Cherish. And this version was dropped by Thrive Music on 20 August 2021.

Both the original version of this song and Acraze’s remix proved to be hits. But considering that the latter for instance topped the UK Dance Chart and Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles list, in addition to breaking the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart proper and proving to be a chart topper (as well as dance hall banger) in a couple of other countries, then it can be said that Acraze’s version was more successful than that of Cherish.

Do It To It

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