Dragon’s “Rain” Lyrics Meaning

If you presumed that the “rain” which serves as the title of this song is metaphorical, you are in fact correct. And as somewhat commonly used in romantic contexts, what it symbolizes is hardship in the featured relationship between the singer and the addressee. 

In fact the way the situation reads, at least in the second verse, as if they have already just about broken up. But as a premise, what the first verse illustrates is that there is discontent in this union. Furthermore the vocalist has grown weary of such, and by implication so has his partner.

Later, the singer goes on to insinuate that the aforementioned “rain” isn’t their fault. Simply put, it is also something that is happening all around them, “day after day” and “all over town”.

What “Rain” Symbolizes

Then the chorus centers on the vocalist entreating the addressee not to “go out in the rain”.  And with all of these usages of “rain” in mind, it’s obvious that its allegorical meaning is not as cut-and-dried as postulated earlier. 

But whatever it may be, it is a factor(s) that is negatively contributing to the featured relationship. And also taking into consideration the beginning of the second verse, we can further put forth it represents a concept like depression in general.

So by the time the second verse concludes, the singer likewise is able to admit he must now seek shelter from “the rain”, i.e. terminate the relationship. 

A song about Divorce or Separation?

All lyrics considered, this song may very well be about divorce or some sort of sad separation.

The vocalist and the addressee are presumably in a romantic relationship. They are also obviously in a situation akin to marriage, i.e. constantly being around each other even though, as we can see, they don’t necessarily want to. 

Moreover they have been in this selfsame predicament for a long time. And the singer can no longer tolerate “the rain” not necessarily because of the associated discomfort but primarily due to the fact that he’s already been dealing with it for “so long”. 

Verily he can harp back to days, unlike now, where the love between him and the addressee was “so strong”. Or let’s say that both and his partner are also obviously committed to this less-than-ideal romance, considering how long they have dealt with it. 

But yet and still, as implied, the singer has come to the conclusion that there is no future for the two of them.

Lyrics of "Rain"

Damn this “Rain”

So the rain is real, folks. In fact the singer has been instructing the addressee not to even “go out in(to)” it – a piece of advice which we can posit she did not heed. 

And also going about midway out of a limb, we can also put forth that he is advising us to behave likewise. But again, considering that we don’t definitively know what “the rain” is, then the general message is sort of like don’t do anything to jeopardize your relationship.


Dragon is a band formed in early 1972 which, despite taking some breaks in between, are still active as of the 2020s. In fact in between 1974 and 2018, the band has dropped 16 studio albums, 10 compilation albums and a couple of live albums and EPs to boot.

Dragon is from New Zealand, and as such they have proven especially popular in Oceania. And their most-successful album to date would be 1977’s “Running Free”. The said project went triple-platinum in Australia and reached number 16, their highest-ever peak position, in their homeland.

And as far as singles go they’ve only had one song ever appear on the Billboard Hot 100, which is in fact “Rain”. Additionally it scored an impressive number 2 on the Kent Music Report and also placed at number 15 on its year-end list for 1983.

On which album does “Rain” appear?

“Rain” is from the crew’s seventh-studio album, “Body and the Beat” (1984). In fact Polydor Records released it as the lead single from that project. 

The album went on to peak at number five on the Kent Music Report, which is one of Australia’s most-important music charts (the other, in more modern times, being the ARIA Chart).

Between 1972 and 2007, there have been about 40 different members of Dragon. When this song was released in July of 1983, the band’s membership consisted of these musicians:

  • Marc Hunter (lead vocals, 1953-1998)
  • Marc’s elder brother Todd Hunter (vocals and bass)
  • Kerry Jacobson (percussion)
  • Robert Taylor (guitar)
  • The late Paul Hewson (keyboards, 1952-1985).

And as of the writing of this post in early-2021, the band has consisted of the same members since 2006. The only one who is still extant from the Rain days is Todd Hunter, who has been down since 1972. 

And he is presently joined by:

  • Pete Drummond (drummer)
  • Bruce Reid (guitarist)
  • Mark Williams (lead vocals)

All of the above joined Dragon in 2006.


More Facts about “Rain”

“Rain” was written by Todd and Marc Hunter alongside Johanna Pigott. The latter is an Australian musician whose greatest accomplishment on the field has been her participation on this song.  And the producer of the track is an American musician by the name of Alan Mansfield.

When “Rain” was released, Dragon was just coming off of a three-year hiatus. In fact they were disbanded, but they embarked on what is known as the Class Reunion Tour in 1982. 

They did so in the name of paying off old debts. But the endeavor proved so successful that they decided to permanently regroup.

“Rain” was a track that Todd Hunter began working on even before Dragon regrouped. And Johanna Pigott, his romantic partner throughout the decades, became involved based on that very fact, that they were living together.

There are at least two official music videos to this track, one being specifically designed for American consumption.

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