“Dreamland” by Pet Shop Boys (ft. Years & Years)

“Dreamland” is indeed a place outside of the realm of conventional existence. The narrators (Pet Shop Boys and Years & Years) long to be there, as it represents an escape from unfavorable aspects of real life. And considering that one of the definitive attributes given to describe “Dreamland” is that “it is a free land”, it’s safe to presume that what they are looking to get away from are feelings of repression or captivity. 

Indeed it has been concluded that the aspect of reality they desire relief from is actually something tantamount to political unrest. But regardless of their issues with the real world, it is clear that “Dreamland” is a place that is more pleasurable than reality itself. And the song doesn’t read as if this is a destination they hope to one day actually reach, as in adult males believing in fantasy. Rather it once again points to the idea that they are not satisfied with the hardcore reality of their lives in general. And this is why when they do enter “Dreamland”, they “don’t want to wake up”. And it is also possible that they are literally referring to enjoyable dreams which they have at night.

Lyrics of "Dreamland"

Date of Release of “Dreamland”

“Dreamland”, which was released on 11 September 2019, is the lead single from the Pet Shop Boys’ 2020 album.

That said, this track was originally intended to be featured on Years & Years’ 2018 album, “Palo Santo”. However, it was concluded that the song did not fit the overall narrative of that project. This is how come it was transferred to the Pet Shop Boys’ project.

Song’s Title

The song is actually named after an amusement park located in England, which also served as one of its inspiration. And supposedly the symbol of an amusement park is a “metaphor for American political unrest“.

Who wrote “Dreamland”?

“Dreamland” was written by the Pet Shop Boys (Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant) in addition to Olly Alexander. The latter is the lead singer of Years & Years.

The producer of “Dreamland” is Stuart Price.

Before this, had Pet Shop Boys worked with Years & Years before?

No. This collaboration marked the first time the Pet Shop Boys got to work with Years & Years.

“Dreamland” features Gay Icons

“Dreamland” is notable as all of the major artists involved (Lowe, Tennant and Alexander) are considered “gay icons”. That being said, it’s important to state that Lowe has never forthrightly stated his orientation.

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