Eminem is a multiple Grammy Award winning American rapper and actor who became internationally successful with the release of his 1999 major-label debut album titled The Slim Shady LP, which gave birth to such hit songs as My Name Is and Guilty Conscience. Over the course of his career, Eminem went on to release several other big hits such as Lose Yourself, Cleanin’ Out My Closet, Not Afraid and Love the Way You Lie (with Rihanna). Away from his solo career, Eminem has also made a name for himself as a member of a number of popular hip-hop groups, including D12 (The Dirty Dozen). As an actor, Eminem has appeared in a number of movies over the years, including 2002’s 8 Mile.


Rapper Eminem backstage at a concert in Munich, Germany in 1999. Source: Wikimedia. Author: Mika-photography.

Facts about Rapper Eminem

  • Eminem was born on 17th October, 1972 to Deborah “Debbie” Nelson and Marshall Bruce Mathers in St. Joseph, Missouri.
  • Eminem has a number of half-siblings, including Nathan Kane Samara.
  • At the young age of 17, Eminem’s mother Debbie almost lost her life giving birth to him after spending about 73 hours in labor.
  • Eminem suffered from severe bullying throughout his childhood years.
  • Before becoming a rapper, Eminem hoped to be a comic-book artist.
  • After fathering a child named Hailie in 1995 with Kimberly Scott, Eminem and Kim got married in 1999. The marriage ended in a divorce in 2001. In 2006, the couple rekindled their love and re-married again. However, the marriage lasted only a few months before coming to an end.
  • Having sold close to 200 million albums worldwide, Eminem is one of the most successful artists of all time and best-selling rapper of all time.
  • On its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, Rolling Stone magazine placed him at the number 83rd position. In doing so, the publication called the rapper the King of Hip Hop.
  • In 2003, Eminem made history by become the first rapper to win the Academy Award when his song Lose Yourself won him the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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