Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

As we have pointed out in the past, sometimes a pop song may be put into a romantic context even though the message it is intended to relay isn’t necessarily romantic in nature. And such is the case with “Walking on a Dream”. It definitely reads like the classic scenario where the singer is lacking in some regard, only to be saved from this condition by a newfound significant other, i.e. the addressee.

But again this song is not as straightforward as it may appear. Its lyrics, despite their heavy dependency on metaphors, can be readily discerned as interpreted above. Indeed Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele has stated that they are based on a narrative where “two people become one”. But he also went on to expound that these individuals are not lovers. According to him, the lyrics allude to the relationship between he and his bandmate, Nick Littlemore.

But then in extending his explanation even further, Luke has also stated that this track is “about so many other things”. And as for him personally, he gets cheesed off when his partner – or anyone else for that matter – tries to slap a set-in-stone interpretation on the tune. As an artist, he prefers that listeners come up with their own understandings of his work. And “Walking on a Dream” is no exception!


So all things considered, we know definitely that there is something interpersonal and interdependent going on in this song. It is abundantly clear that the addressee fulfills a special, emotional role in the life of the signer. But outside of that, going out of our way to try to understand the specifics of this union is obviously not how the duo intended this song to be enjoyed. For instance, in doing so it is quite easy to conclude that this is a traditional, romantic love song, even though it apparently isn’t. But either way the singer’s relationship with the addressee has made him believe that indeed “two people [can] become one”. So we can see conclusively that the featured association is one which is edifying his existence.

Lyrics of "Walking on a Dream"

Facts about “Walking on a Dream”

This is the title track of and lead single from Empire of the Sun’s debut album. The track was released by Capitol Records and EMI Group Limited on 3 October 2008.

The writers of the song are Empire of the Sun’s Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele. The pair received assistance in penning this classic from a songwriter named Donnie Sloan.

And all three of these artist also contributed to the production of the track. They worked in conjunction with Peter Mayes to produce it.

“Walking on a Dream” charted impressively in almost 15 nations, including in Britain and America.

In terms of the latter, this song did not make the Hot 100 until 2016, almost a decade after its initial release. What caused it to finally catch on in America was its usage on a commercial for the Honda Civic.

Where was the music video for “Walking on a Dream” filmed?

It was filmed in the Chinese city of Shanghai. It was directed by music video director Josh Logue.

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