“Everyday Life” by Coldplay

“Everyday Life” takes a global approach, similar to the tune Coldplay dropped prior to this one, “Arabesque”. For in this song also, the band is once again harping on the similarities we as human beings possess. For instance, we all have aspirations as well as frailties. 

Indeed the chorus is, to a degree, based on the premise of emotional pain being a common factor amongst all of mankind. But it ends with an admonishment for listeners to “keep dancing”, as in staying optimistic, despite what they may be going through. Indeed the title seems to be based on this very idea, of Coldplay advising the audience to appreciate “everyday life” for what it’s worth, while simultaneously acknowledging that “everybody hurts”. 

In fact the song concludes on a celebratory note, with the crew boldly exclaiming “hallelujah”. So conclusively, we can say that the band recognizes that “everyday life” has its fair share of challenges. But they feel the gift of life, in general, is something to be appreciated. And as such, no matter what negativity is going on internally or externally, it is always worth striving for a brighter day.

Everyday Life

Facts about “Everyday Life’

Coldplay debuted this song on the 2 November 2019 episode of the sketch-comedy program, “Saturday Night Live”.

It is the title track from their eighth album. The song itself was issued as the second single from that project on 3 November 2019.

Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Chris Martin – all members of Coldplay – wrote this song along with John Metcalfe.

And “Everyday Life” was produced by D. Green, B. Rahko and R. Simpson.

Was this song inspired by R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”?

“Everybody Hurts” actually interpolates R.E.M.’s 1993 hit single “Everybody Hurts“.

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