“Face Me” by The Plot in You

The Plot in You’s lead vocalist, Landon Tewers, has offered a somewhat complex, psychology-inspired explanation of the meaning of “Face Me”. But what it ultimately boils down to is this.  The narrator is in a romantic relationship with a certain individual, that being the addressee. And he is, most simply put, a toxic partner.

This is a characteristic that he is well aware he possesses, being a jacka-s if you will, as the singer acknowledges for instance that he has “cut close ones carelessly”, i.e. ended meaningful relationships over some BS.  And apparently, upon first hooking up with the addressee, he was under the impression that this association would follow a similar path towards expeditious dissolution. 

However, once again utilizing the simplest language we can, it would appear that he has instead, unexpectedly, fallen head over heels for real. So it is she whom he is instructing to ‘face him’.


And all lyrics considered, what that statement means in this context would likely be as so.  It would be reasonable to postulate that she has already become aware of his less-than-favorable characteristics. 

And apparently, once again resorting to Tewers’ above explanation, he may want to change but is not overly confident that he can do so. So we can put forth that what this song is conclusively about is the vocalist trying to ascertain whether or not the addressee is willing to go through this “hell” with him. Or let’s say that he has more confidence in his ability to actually change if she were to remain by his side.

Lyrics to "Face Me"

When was “Face Me” released?

This track is the lead single from The Plot in You’s fifth studio album. And the album in question is titled “Swan Song”. The song itself was issued as such by Fearless Records, on the date of 29 July 2021.

The Plot in You

The Plot in You is a band hailing from Ohio that specializes in a genre of music known as metalcore. As implied above they have been around for a while, with the group’s debut EP, Wife Beater, coming out in 2010. Their most recent project leading up to this was an LP, 2018’s Dispose, which topped Billboard’s US Heatseekers Albums chart.

Three of the band’s current members – frontman Landon Tewers, guitarist Josh Childress and bassist Ethan Yoder – have been down since day one. Meanwhile drummer Michael Cooper is a more recent addition, joining the crew in 2021.

Face Me

Credits for “Face Me”

It is also the aforementioned Landon Tewers that wrote “Face Me”. And the track was produced by Drew Fulk, who also operates under the stage name WZRBLD.

The Plot in You's Landon Tewers explains "Face Me"

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