Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus” Meaning

As can be concluded from the song’s title, “Rock Me Amadeus” is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), one of the most-renowned musicians in the history of Western music. And Falco, himself an Austrian, decided to drop this song in honor of one of his home country’s most-famous citizens.

Lyrics focus on Mozart’s lifestyle

This song is centered on Mozart’s uninhibited lifestyle. The “rock me” part we find in the title is based on the 18th century musician being portrayed throughout this track in a fashion similar to a modern-day, rebellious rock star. Or more specifically, he is presented as a man who had an affinity for women, booze and borrowing money. Also, according to the song, “rock me” is an expression fans of Mozart cried whenever they wanted him to perform some music.

Lyrics of "Rock Me Amadeus"

This is actually a pretty-accurate portrayal of Mozart’s life. He was so into women and drinking that such indulgencies may have contributed to his premature death at the age of 35. Moreover Mozart was also deeply in debt. However, it does not seem as if the bulk of it was owed to the banks, as the song implies. Rather he is known to have had more of a preference to borrow from personal associates, such as family, friends and his students.

However, those are just interesting facts concerning his life, as the purpose of “Rock Me Amadeus” is not to portray the musician in a negative light. Rather it is to present Amadeus as he truly was – a rock star before the term ‘rock star’ even existed. He lived recklessly, had adoring fans, and people loved his music. So this song takes a lighthearted approach in reminding us of just how similar Mozart’s life, despite the fact he lived two centuries ago, is similar to those of the top musicians we enjoy today.

Music Video for “Rock Me Amadeus”

The memorable music video to this song, which utilized 18th century imagery (i.e. from Mozart’s era) mixed with that from the modern (i.e. 1980’s) world, featured Falco portraying the role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself.

When was “Rock Me Amadeus” released?

This classic was formally released in the United States by A&M Records on 16 June 1985. The month prior, the track was made available in German-speaking parts of Europe.

Chart Success

On 29 March 1986, this track became the first song sung in German to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Rock Me Amadeus” also topped the charts in these places:

  •  Austria
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Furthermore, it flew all the way to the top of British Singles Chart.

FYI, this classic served as Falco’s (who was popular in German-speaking parts of Europe), only number-one hit in the United Kingdom and United States.

Who wrote “Rock Me Amadeus”?

Falco wrote this track along with Bolland & Bolland (Ferdi and Rob), the siblings who also produced the track.

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