“Feels Like I’m In Love” by Kelly Marie

“Feels Like I’m In Love” finds Kelly Marie utilizing bodily-based metaphors to express certain emotional phenomena she is going through. For instance, her ‘head is spinning’, ‘knees shaking’, ‘feet aren’t touching the ground’, and her ‘heart is beating like a drum’.  And whereas these emotions are a first time experience for her, she is fully aware of what they indicate. And that is the fact that she has fallen in love, more specifically with the addressee. 

So overall it can be said that she is celebrating this newfound reality in her life, the certainty that she has fallen head over heels with someone.

Did Kelly Marie write “Feels Like I’m In Love”?

No. It was written by a songwriter named Ray Dorset. Interesting to note is that Ray initially wrote this song to be recorded by the legendary Elvis Presley. However, Presley died just as the song was to be introduced to him.

Release Date

Kelly’s team officially released this song on the 29th of July, 1979.

“Feels Like I’m In Love” becomes an international hit

When Kelly initially released this song in the late 1970s, it actually went nowhere. It was in 1980 that it began gaining popularity. It actually became so popular that on the official singles chart in UK, it soared to number 1.

In the singles charts in the countries listed below, this hit also earned Kelly multiple positions within the top 10 section:

  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Australia

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