Fiona Apple’s “Shameika” Lyrics Meaning

“Shameika” harps back to Fiona Apple’s childhood, specifically her days as a middle schooler. And the way the lyrics play out are as if she was somewhat of a lonely child though with a lively imagination and willingness to socialize. However, when she tried to fit in with her peers, she was an outcast. Logically this would have been an even more-depressing era in her life if not for the titular Shameika. For it was Shameika who came to Fiona one day – completely unexpected – and let her know that she “had potential”.

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Now Shameika “wasn’t gentle”, nor was she a friend of the singer. However, by her imparting these inspirational words onto Fiona at a time she was feeling low, she helped the future songstress get through a challenging period in her childhood. So whereas the lyrics of this song may go off on tangents at certain points, ultimately they are meant to serve as an ode to this young lady who had such an encouraging effect on a young, vulnerable Fiona Apple.

Lyrics of "Shameika"

Facts about “Shameika”

“Shameika” was written by Fiona, who also co-produced the track alongside Amy Aileen Wood.

Epic Records released this song on 17 April 2020.  It is the second track on the playlist of Fiona Apple’s album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”.

What Fiona has said about this Song?

As time progressed Fiona Apple began to think that her memories of Shameika were fictitious. However, one of her old teachers whom she had kept in contact with throughout the years let her know that Shameika did in fact exist and even sent her a picture of the girl as well as an essay she wrote back in the day.

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    I give you credit for not getting the first word wrong – but you immediately used that credit by getting the *second* word wrong! – it’s “harks back,” not “harps back!”

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    One can both harp and hark.. in fact, I prefer harping in this context.

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