“Flames Adorn the Silence” by Stutterfly

At Song Meanings + Facts, we often go about making a heartfelt attempt to interpret tracks which other analysts dare not tread upon. Usually, no matter how out there a song’s lyrics may read on the surface, there is some type of discernible, thesis sentiment that can be ascertained underneath.

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However some acts, especially the likes of hard rockers, may occasionally drop songs in which it really appears to be up to the listener to make sense out of the lyrics. What has been generally understood in such cases is that the message contained therein is designed specifically to appeal to the act’s fandom or hardcore devotees of whatever subgenre they may fall into, i.e. the type of listeners who would implicitly understand the featured metaphors. 

Or put otherwise, such songs may not depend on lyricism to get their point across as much as they do emotion. And it may well be that “Flames Adorn the Silence” falls into that category. So please forgive if our attempt to interpret this piece may read overly ambitious, as there’s not much information to fall back on in terms of ascertaining the track’s meaning.

“Flames Adorn the Silence”

The titular phrase is not found in the lyrics. But based on certain clues, “the silence” referred to may be a metaphor for being in a state of complacency, i.e. not making an attempt to free one’s self from this ‘hellish’ life we have been cast into. The titular “flames” are obviously the same as the “fire” which plays a prominent role during the conclusive passages of the track, which the vocalist seems to be entreating to “fall… from the skies above”. 

So the theory being put forth here, all lyrics considered, is that he’s looking forward to said “flames adorn(ing) the silence”, i.e. some type of heavenly act so to speak, which force-frees the masses from this less-than-ideal existence.

In other words, Chris perceives “this life” as being akin to a “living hell”. So to him, the aforementioned flame/fire is a good thing. He sees it as a catalyst which would cause people to permanently change their ways. 

And he seems to acknowledge that said happening is an idealized as opposed to literal event. So concurrently, the vocalist appears to put the onus on the addressee to be introspective and take genuine, irreversible initiative in rectifying his or her own life. Put simply, it encourages you to take “a look at yourself” and put “your heart upon the shelf”.

The Premise of the Lyrics

This song is premised on life for the average person being in some type of messed up state. It may be that the vocalist perceives himself as someone who has overcome this issue. 

But either way, he sees it such that the problem cannot be solved, including on an individual level, unless there is some type of major intervention. That may be fire descending from the sky, as he terms it, which sounds more like destruction rather than rectification per se. 

But maybe what Stutterfly is trying to get at in that regard is that if people don’t take the effort to better themselves, and let’s say the world in general, more seriously – which as implied is indeed a very-difficult task – then some external force will do so for us in an even more-extreme manner.

"Flames Adorn The Silence" Lyrics


Stutterfly was an alt-metal outfit hailing from Kelowna, a somewhat-obscure Canadian city found not too far north of the state of Washington. This act was formed in 1998 and continued to exist for a better part of the following decade. Within that time they managed to put out two studio albums.  

Release of “Flames Adorn the Silence”

“Flames Adorn the Silence” served as the closing track on both of those projects. The song first came out as part of 2002’s “Broken in Pieces”. It was later featured on its follow-up, 2005’s “And We Are Bled of Color”.

The first issuance of this song was backed by The Elysien Project, which is reportedly a label Stutterfly founded themselves. Its second release, i.e. as part of “And We Are Bled of Color”, was supported by Maverick Records. Maverick was a company that was actually started by Madonna during the 1990s.

Flames Adorn The Silence

Band Members

The members of Stutterfly back in 2002 would have been the following:

  • Chris Stickney (vocalist)
  • Bradyn Byron (guitarist)
  • Jordan Chase (bassist)
  • Craig Langerud (drummer) . 

But by 2005, i.e. the second release of this song, Ryan Loerke replaced Langerud, and the group also added an additional guitarist, Jason Ciolli.

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