“For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield’s track titled “For What It’s Worth” was written by songwriter and musician, Stephen Stills. The tune is basically calling for peace during a period of unrest because it was having a toll on the youth.

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The first verse expresses how there is a disturbance happening but it is not very clear how the whole incident came about. It goes on to talk about the seriousness of the issue with the use of law enforcement officials and guns.

The chorus after the first stanza explains further that the drama unfolding has to do with the youth and further calls on the whole public to get involved with what is going on.

The second stanza also depicts a conversation between the youth and the law with all the efforts of the former proving futile.

The third stanza presents a situation where the people are all on the streets protesting against law. The final verse showcases how the whole situation is causing fear into the mind of people.

This song was influenced by the Sunset Strip curfew riots which took place in 1966.

“For What It’s Worth”Facts

  • Key Artist(s): Buffalo Springfield
  • Writing: Stephen Stills
  • Production: Brian Stone and Charles Greene
  • Release: December, 1966
  • Album: “Buffalo Springfield”


“For What It’s Worth” is first of all a folk rock song. Additionally, it can also be a country rock anthem as well as a psychedelic rock track.

Chart Performance:

  • America (US): 7
  • Canada: 9


The following are some artistes that have recorded a cover of this track:

  • The Staple Singers in 1967
  • Cher in 1969

Was “For What It’s Worth” released as a single?

Yes. It came out as one of the singles from the band’s eponymous maiden album.

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