Frank Ocean’s “Cayendo” Lyrics Meaning

“Cayendo” is the title of a ballad coming to us from American singer Frank Ocean. The lyrics find Ocean emotionally telling the tale of an unrequited love. He has fallen head over heels with the addressee (his beloved). However, despite being fully aware of how much Ocean loves her, she apparently just rejects him. And in doing so, she leaves him beyond heartbroken.

Meaning of “Cayendo”

The song’s title (“Cayendo”) is actually a Spanish word. In English language it translates to “falling”. It can also mean “falling down”.

And despite all the heartbreak the addressee causes Ocean, he still finds himself falling and falling for them. Hence the song’s Spanish title “Cayendo”.

Facts about “Cayendo”

Frank Ocean is the sole writer of this ballad. He also produced it himself. However, unlike the writing, he isn’t the sole producer. He co-produced the song along with record producer Daniel Aged.

The song came out through his label (blonded) on April 3rd, 2020.

The ballad was officially the first song Ocean released in 2020. He actually released it along with another song titled “Dear April“. Prior to releasing both songs, Ocean had previewed them on social media in October of 2019.

The song’s entire chorus is sung in Spanish. And even more interesting is the fact that Spanish guitars are also the primary instruments used throughout the song.

Are there any samples on the track?

Actually Ocean interpolates a small portion of another track on “Cayendo”. And this song in question is Sade’s 1988 hit “Love is Stronger than Pride“.

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