“Friday on My Mind” by The Easybeats

Inevitably when you hear someone celebrating Friday, especially within a musical context, that is due to the fact that it marks the onset of the weekend. This is the time of the week when, traditionally speaking, employees don’t work, and nightclubs or what have you are operating at their peak. 

As such pieces tend to go, making it through an oppressive work week is presented as being discouraging. Indeed, the vocalist looks forward to the day when he’ll no longer have to engage in “the five-day grind” and rather be a bigwig himself. But for now, it is the weekend that is helping him to maintain his patience. And yes, as implied this has a lot to do with being off of work, and furthermore he is afforded the opportunity to “have fun in the city”. But more to the point in this particular case obviously is the fact that it is also during the weekend that the vocalist gets to chill with his girlfriend, whom he very much fancies.

The Easybeats, "Friday on My Mind" Lyrics

Facts about “Friday on My Mind”

“Friday on My Mind” is one of two singles released from the album, “Good Friday” by The Easybeats, an Australian rock band from Sydney. The song was officially released on November 17 of 1996.

This song was composed by band members Harry Vanda and George Young while Shel Talmy took charge of its production.

This song was included in the Sounds of Australia registry of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia in 2017.

Australia’s Australasian Performing Right Association, in May of 2001, voted “Friday on My Mind” the best Australian song ever. This happened during the association’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

This song was No. 1 in the band’s home country of Australia as well as the Netherlands. It peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard Top 100, No. 6 on the OCC in the UK and No. 2 on the Listener in New Zealand.

“Friday on My Mind” was featured in a 1984 since fiction film by John Duigan as well as Rod Hardy’s drama, “December Boys” of 2007.  

Covers of “Friday on My Mind”

Here are some notable remakes of “Friday on My Mind” released by various artists over the years:

  • The Shadows (1967)
  • I Ribelli (1967)
  • Gary Moore (1987)
  • Destructors (2012)
  • David Bowie (1973)
Friday on My Mind by The Easybeats

The “Good Friday” Album

“Good Friday” was recorded in the following recording studios in the British capital, London:

  • Olympic Studios
  • IBC Studios

American record producer, arranger, and songwriter, Shel Talmy, was responsible for producing “Good Friday”.

The album was backed by United Artists Records.

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