“Frog” by Cavetown

This love song reads as if it was inspired by your quintessential princess-and-the-frog fairytale. Here, we find Cavetown likening himself to the frog and the addressee, his romantic interest, the princess. But be that as it may, that is not why he initially named this track so. 

Instead, as the singer/songwriter explained, this piece was actually inspired by the fact that he used “a frog meme” to propose love to his real-life girlfriend. But either way it is still clear that to some extent the lyrical motif was inspired by “the Frog Prince”, as the legend is commonly known.

That said, despite the unorthodox wording of this piece, sentiment-wise it is more or less a standard love song. It is one in which the vocalist is most pointedly expressing the pleasure he derives from his relationship with the addressee.

Lyrics for Cavetown's "Frog"


Cavetown is a musician from England who made a name for himself on social media through a number of self releases before eventually signing with Triple Crown Records and then subsequently Sire Records. 

His most recent studio LP, “Sleepyhead” (2020), has proven his most successful to date. It is actually Cavetown’s only project thus far to appear on the UK Albums Chart. 


“Frog”, which itself was released on 19 October 2022, is a track to be found on Cavetown’s fifth studio LP, which is a project titled “Worm Food”.

Skinner produced and wrote “Frog”, in addition to serving as its music video’s director.


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