Gallery Piece – Diving Into the Psychedelic Labyrinth of Desire and Obsession

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Duality of Desire: Passion or Possession?
  5. Sonic Aesthetics: The Contrast in the Chaos
  6. The Enigma Wrapped in Colorful Metaphors
  7. Memorable Lines: A Litany of Surgical Precision
  8. Love or Labyrinth: What’s Truly Happening?


I wanna be your love
I wanna make you cry
And sweep you off your feet

I wanna hurt your pride
I wanna slap your face
I wanna paint your nails

I wanna make you you scream
I wanna braid your hair
I wanna kiss your friends

I wanna make you laugh
I wanna dress the same
I wanna defend you

I wanna squeeze your thighs
I wanna kiss your eyelids
And corrupt your dreams

I wanna crash your car
I wanna scratch your cheeks
I wanna make you sick

I wanna sell you out
Want to expose your flaws
I wanna steal your things

I wanna show you off
I wanna tell you lies
I wanna write you books

I wanna turn you on
I wanna make you cum
Two-hundred times a day

I wanna dry tears
Every time your sad
I wanna be your what’s happening

I wanna be your only friend

I only go all the way
This time I’m not pretending

I can’t take the trash
Your trashy friends are spreading about us
They’ve got like fifty personalities
Oh girl, that’s so messed up

You see that sculpture on the hill?
That’s where she cleared me out

They’re monitoring my sub-conscious massacres I know
Bringing it closer to the surface so it’s easily pervertable

I want to be a beast
I want to make you proud
And play with your head

I want to take you out
Make you feel adored
And buy you everything

I want to hurt you bad
Make you paranoid
And say the sweetest things

I want to help you grow
And for eternity
I want to be your what’s happening

What’s happening?

Full Lyrics

In the realm of indie music, few songs conjure the intoxicating blend of manic desire, heartfelt devotion, and provocative aggression quite like of Montreal’s ‘Gallery Piece.’ Part confessional, part avant-garde expression, this track is an embodiment of Kevin Barnes’ ability to artfully disassemble the spectrum of romantic emotions and reassemble them into a surrealist collage.

‘Gallery Piece,’ with its deceptively upbeat tempo and playful tone, masks a deeper, more tumultuous narrative that tugs at themes of love, possession, and identity. Through this exploration, we peel back the veneer of the song’s catchy melody to reveal the complex emotional playhouse lurking within its lyrics.

The Duality of Desire: Passion or Possession?

Right off the bat, ‘Gallery Piece’ presents us with an unsettling mixture of violent and endearing sentiments. ‘I wanna be your love, I wanna make you cry’ the song begins, immediately setting up a dichotomy of affection and aggression. This push and pull reflect a tormented spirit, someone who seeks to connect deeply with their subject while simultaneously exerting power over them.

Within this dynamic, Barnes voices an obsessive compulsion to both uplift and unravel the object of his desire, making the listener question whether love can exist without an element of control. Such a paradoxical message resonates as a commentary on the complexities of modern relationships, where the line between deep affection and destructive behavior can sometimes become dangerously blurred.

Sonic Aesthetics: The Contrast in the Chaos

Musically, ‘Gallery Piece’ is a vibrant, hyper-kinetic, glam-infused spectacle that infects the listener with its relentless rhythm. The song’s exuberant soundscape starkly contrasts with some of the darker lyrical themes – a trope often employed by of Montreal to engage listeners in a deeper cognitive dissonance.

This juxtaposition of the playful and the macabre invites an introspective examination of the listener’s own emotional reactions. Are we dancing to the rhythm of liberation or to the beats of our own entrapment within the whims of another?

The Enigma Wrapped in Colorful Metaphors

Each verse in ‘Gallery Piece’ is a labyrinthine mix of vivid imagery and startling declarations. There’s a deliberate ambiguity woven into phrases like ‘I wanna paint your nails’ or ‘I wanna show you off.’ These acts, ostensibly gestures of affection, could also allude to the desire to change or control another, turning the object of affection into a living, breathing ‘gallery piece.’

Barnes crafts a narrative that could be interpreted as a desperate expression of love, an ironic critique of superficiality, or a bit of both. The listeners are encouraged to ponder the imagery presented, leading to the hidden meaning that lies within the interplay of the romantic and the surreal.

Memorable Lines: A Litany of Surgical Precision

‘I wanna make you cum two hundred times a day,’ stands out as a line of potent brashness, veiling a yearning for impossible closeness and intensity. Here, Barnes isn’t just content with physical intimacy; he demands an unattainable level of emotional and sensory saturation.

The song is replete with these types of declarations, each one meticulously designed to provoke a response, leaving an indelible mark on the mind. They serve as a testament to Barnes’ lyricism, cutting through the psyche with the precision of a sculptor shaping their piece.

Love or Labyrinth: What’s Truly Happening?

‘I wanna be your what’s happening’ – repeated as a mantra, this phrase encapsulates the intricate core of ‘Gallery Piece.’ It reflects a tumultuous quest for rapport, relevance, and ultimately, resonance in the life of the other person. Barnes’ repetition imbues these lyrics with a feverish intensity, pushing the concept of ‘being present’ into an omnipresent craving for attention.

In the end, it circles back to the central theme: the struggle to balance the overwhelming desire for the significant in someone’s life, while toeing the line between endearment and intrusion. ‘Gallery Piece’ is an exhibition of emotion and obsession, as viewed through the kaleidoscope of Kevin Barnes’ lyrical genius, challenging listeners to decipher where one ends and the other begins.

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