“Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” by Milli Vanilli

Ultimately, as far as thesis sentiments go, “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” is more or less your standard heartbreak song, albeit one that is well-written and beautifully-recited. The vocalist(s) relies on a number of unique metaphors in addressing a romantic interest who has left him cold.

The story begins with him getting romantically involved with her, despite knowing that she “would break (his) heart”. And verily, he falls deeply in love. So being cognizant of the risks involved, as in knowing that it could come to an end, he does his best to “make (her) stay”. 

But as the title indicates, such attempts have proven futile. So now his romantic ambitions are reduced to him letting her know that he will indeed “miss” her, now that she has in fact left him.

And the second half of the song tells a similar tale from a sentimental perspective. Though this time around, the vocalist commences by expressing just how much he enjoyed his relationship with the addressee. And likewise she ‘took the best of him’, meaning that he loved her to the fullest. But we already know how this story ends. 

And in the aftermath he finds himself dealing with the “cold” world after having “had a taste of paradise”. In other words, the fact that he has loved and lost has left him in a lonelier state than he was beforehand. Simply put, he can’t help but to “miss” the addressee.

In all

To some people, especially those used to more-modern songs, these types of lyrics may seem a bit sappy. But they do effectively, undoubtedly and simply get the point across that the vocalist is reeling as a result of being dumped by the woman he loves, whether he knew she was that type or not, after doing his very best to retain her. 

In fact he likens the failure of said “dream” to a “tragedy”, with the resultant emotional “scar” being “so hard to heal”. And whereas she may be gone for good, he ‘will never forget the day they met’. And that basically means that he will never forget her.

"Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" Lyrics

Song’s Success and Albums

This song is acknowledged as being featured on two different albums, though they are fundamentally the same. The first is entitled “All or Nothing”, which came out in November of 1988, as Milli Vanilli’s debut album in Europe. 

But as far as their first album stateside, it was a repackaged version of the above project which is rather entitled “Girl You Know It’s True”, that was dropped in March of 1989. And “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” is listed as serving as a single from both of those projects.

This song especially was a bit hit. It not only reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 but also on the neighboring Canadian Albums Chart. Additionally, it has been certified sextuple-platinum in the US and diamond in Canada.

Indeed all five singles released from that project proved to be hits. But “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” was one of the biggest. In addition to Canada and the United States, it topped charts in many other places. It has also been certified platinum in a handful of nations, including Australia and Milli Vanilli’s native Germany. And as far as the UK Singles Chart goes, it peaked at number 2, as well as charting in nearly 20 countries altogether.

Bittersweet Success

Of course all of these accomplishments proved bittersweet when it was revealed that Rob Pilatus (1965-1998) and Fab Morvan, the two artists you actually see on Milli Vanilli videos and in live performances, were just pretending, i.e. lip syncing. 

This was something which the viewing public was not made aware of beforehand, and the truth didn’t come out until late 1990, after they had already blown up. So for the record, the two actual male vocalists on this track are a couple of less-marketable chaps you probably never heard of, John Davis and Brad Howell. 

And if you’re interested, the pair did go on to form their own group, somewhat shamelessly named The Real Milli Vanilli, which wasn’t even remotely as successful.

When it was revealed that Rob and Fab weren’t actually singing, the backlash was intense. As a result, despite being such phenomenal successes, Milli Vanilli dissolved after their first album. The pair did go on to start their own, more honest musical act known as Rob & Fab and dropped a debut album with that same title in 1993. But understandably, it didn’t catch on.

Girl I'm Gonna Miss You

When was “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” released?

This song came out via Arista Records. And they issued it on the date of 1 July 1989.

Who is the female singer on the song?

The female vocalist on this track is one Gina Mohammed, who also participated on The Real Milli Vanilli project.

Who wrote “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You”?

It was written by a German music producer who goes by the name Frank Farian. He co-wrote it with one Peter Fallenstein and another songwriter named Dietmar Kawohl. Farian also produced the song.

It is worth noting that in addition to Milli Vanilli, Farian also founded the iconic disco group known as Boney M. He even wrote/co-wrote most of Boney M.’s hits, including the likes of “Ma Baker” and “Rasputin“.

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