“Girls Against God” by Florence + the Machine

Let’s be real for a minute. People who actually believe that God exists have a tendency to get mad at Him sometimes. This occurs when life really sucks, as we generally operate with the understanding that a divine power can intervene at any time and instantly make things better. So when that doesn’t happen, sometimes heavenly-directed bitterness sets in.

And as explained, Florence apparently developed those feelings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is she a professional musician who generates income via performances, but Welch also appears to be someone who actually has the love of performing in her heart. On top of that, there was a time when no one knew when or if the pandemic and its related restrictions were ever going to end. So it’s easy to understand how someone like that vocalist may have felt like she was cursed, so to speak.

But there’s more to that going on in this song. For instance, in the chorus the vocalist makes a vow to get vengeance “against God” (as the title puts it). And even beyond that she sorta admits, in a roundabout way, to not being a good person, in a manner of speaking.

For example, in the first verse, the singer is depicted as someone who is unable to receive “real love”. And in the outro, she puts forth that she traded in “a good heart” for “a golden voice”, which reads like, most simply put, she made certain character and perhaps even spiritual sacrifices in the name of being a successful musician.


“Girls Against God” may not be heavy-handed at its title suggest. But at the same time, needless to say there’s a spiritual element to what’s being relayed. And it is interesting to note in that regard that Florence Welch is actually expressing and propagating the notion that she and likeminded “girls” possess the wherewithal to challenge God.

Lyrics of "Girls Against God"

“Girls Against God”

This song is part of Florence and the Machine’s album “Dance Fever”. Polydor Records put out the record on 13 May 2022. 

The track was written and produced by Florence Welch alongside omnipresent behind-the-scenes’ man, Jack Antonoff.

Florence + the Machine debuted this song at a performance held in Newcastle on 15 April 2022.

Maggie Rogers, the earthy singer who dropped the song “Alaska” (2016) a few years back, serves as a backup vocalist on “Girls Against God”.

In all, 4 singles supported the release of “Dance Fever”. “Girls Against God” wasn’t one of them. The singles officially associated with “Dance Fever” are:

Girls Against God

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