“Grace Under Pressure” by Elbow

The title of this song (“Grace Under Pressure”) alludes to the idea of the singer remaining cool even when under a stressing situation. And overall the track’s wording isn’t extensive, but it is deep nonetheless. For instance, the vocalist seemingly attributes his ‘graceful’ disposition to some type of external assistance, perhaps one that is even supernatural in nature. 

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And overall, as made evident by the outro, the entire piece is meant to serve as an ode to love. Or more specifically, Elbow and their fans seem to be lashing out against a world or entity that no longer believes in such. 

So at the end of the day, this song definitely has a kick. That is to say the band is vehemently letting interested parties know that they are not privy to allowing anyone to alter their aforementioned mind state.

“Grace Under Pressure” Facts

This track was written by Elbow members Guy Garvey, Pete Turner, Mark Potter and Craig Potter in conjunction with Richard Jupp. Jupp left the band in 2016.

And the entire band produced “Grace Under Pressure” with Ben Hillier.

V2 Records officially made this song public on 18 August 2003. It was a product of Elbow’s second album, “Cast of Thousands”.

This classic served as one of the inspirations for Coldplay’s 2005 hit, “Fix You“.

The refrain of this song, which actually features fans chanting, was recorded at the 2002 Glastonbury Festival.

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