“Green Door” by Shakin’ Stevens

The titular Green Door depicts the popular meaning attached to this phrase. Since it has often been used in the military setting to suggest the sensitivity of a unit and a demand for privacy, the writer could well be referring to another place noted for its secrecy.

Apparently, the singer barely enjoys his sleep due to his curiosity or possibly because of the noise that emanates from this room. His observations are that behind the said door, a private group plays the piano, smoke and most likely have a lot of fun. In the subsequent verses, the writer narrates his numerous attempts at joining them including knocking, peeping and shouting a likely pass code.

Despite the singer’s desperate attempts to enter this green door, it appears this club prefers to maintain its privacy and is rather hostile towards him. The singer concludes by repeating how desperate he is to find out their secret and believes the people on the other side of the door are happier.

Songwriter Marvin Moore has said the song mainly describes a particular place in Dallas, Texas with a green door for a private club where people were denied entry until they showed a card to prove their membership.

“Green Door”Facts

  • Primary Artist(s): Shakin’ Stevens
  • Writing: Marvin Moore in conjunction with Bob Davie
  • Production: Stuart Colman
  • Release Year: 1981
  • Album/EP: “Green Door/Shaky”


  • Rock Roll
  • Pop

Chart Performance:

  • United Kingdom: 1

FYI: In attaining the aforementioned position, this tune kicked The Specials’ “Ghost Town” from the spot. It held that spot for 4 weeks. On the fourth week, it was removed by Aneka’s “Japanese Boy”.


The following are some artists that have provided various versions of this hit:

  • Jim Lowe in 1956
  • Gene McDaniels in 1960
  • Crystal Gayle in 1977
  • Frankie Vaughan in 1956

With Jim Lowe, he was the original singer of the song. His version also performed very well, especially in the United States where it topped a number of charts

Was “Green Door” a single?

Yes. It was released as a solo track with help from Eden Studios.

Other singles from “Green Door/ Shaky”

  • “Don’t She Look Good”
  • “Hot Dog”

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