“Hayloft” by Mother Mother

There are three characters present in Mother Mother’s “Hayloft”. One is a “young couple” who are doing their thing in the titular “hayloft”. A hayloft is actually part of a stable or barn that is used to store hay. The implication is that some of the haystacks therein are soft enough to rest or sleep upon. However, said youngsters, being mates and all, are not resting. Instead they are fully engaged in the types of activities that you would expect of a pair of aroused teenagers, if you will, in a relationship together when they find themselves in a secluded environment.

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But alas, the hayloft is not as secluded as they presumed. For a figure whom the vocalist identifies as ‘his daddy’ is also lurking about. This figure can be interpreted in one of two ways. First is that he is the father of one of the teenagers bonking in the hayloft. If such is true, the further implication would be that he is the father of the female. This is because the dad is presented as creeping with “a gun”, as in being angry concerning what the young lovers are doing. 

Indeed the end of the second verse gives the impression that father is very much aware of what the kids are doing in the hayloft, as he is depicted as approaching the structure with the intention of “blowing their… bedheads straight off”. 

So again, using a bit of imagination it reads like the girl involved may be his daughter, since father’s aren’t particularly known to get upset when their sons are sexually active. And since she and her boyfriend are doing it in such an unconventional setting, that means they are likely having sex on the low, i.e. behind the father’s back. By the looks of things, dad is totally not having it.

Different Explanation

Another explanation is that has been put forth is that, in their search for seclusion, the young couple are rather getting hot and heavy in someone else’s hayloft, i.e. on the property of a dad whom neither one of them are actually related to. As such, he concludes they are thieves or vandals or what have you. Owing to this, he’s creeping towards them with the gat.

But again, based on the second verse it doesn’t really read so. Instead it sounds like maybe the daughter snuck out in the middle of the night to be with her lover. And her father, rockin’ longjohns and a burner, is about to teach them a lesson. So if such is the case, that his daughter is doing it behind his back on his own property, then you can understand why said father figure would be solidly pissed off.

But again, this narrative is not overtly specific concerning the relationship between the man and the youngsters. However, what is made convincingly clear is that he does not approve of what they are doing in the hayloft.

Lyrics to Mother Mother's "Hay Loft"

Mother Mother

Mother Mother is a rock band from Vancouver which, since its mid-aughts’ inception, has been fronted by vocalist/guitarist Ryan Guldemond alongside his younger sister by three years, keyboardist and backup vocalist Molly Guldemond.  


Hayloft was written by Ryan, with its producer being Howard Redekopp.

This is a track that Last Gang Records released on 16 September 2008. It came as part of Mother Mother’s album “O My Heart”. 

“Hayloft” proceeded to score the band their highest ranking on the UK Indie Chart to date, where it peaked at number eight. But more importantly in the grand scheme of things, this song spearheaded Mother Mother’s out-of-nowhere TikTok virality in 2020 and thus for the first time garnered the act mainstream notoriety. 

It was shortly after the song went viral in 2020 that Guldemond and co. proceeded to drop the song’s sequel, “Hayloft II”.

Hay Loft

19 Responses

  1. hmmmmm.... says:

    mother mother is a genre itself

  2. ur mom says:

    honestly I love how it explains how a daughter is hiding things from her dad and dad is having non of it overall i like songs that have meaning, yk?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What I think is that there’s a dad with a few kids(not teens yet I suppose) , and some teens snuck in the dads hayloft and are having sex. Of course the dad is angry at them and sneaks around with his gun and then shoots them so yeah.

  4. Rawr says:

    I thought that maybe the teens were doing stuff in the hayloft, but being the girls dad, pops might have had an arranged marrage or something and wanted that dude out of there so his daughter could marry the guy he wanted her to. Or pops was drunk and saw a guy he didn’t know doing up his daughter on his property, so he brought out the old gun.

    • Anonymous says:

      that first bit makes sense, honestly
      in hayloft 2 its revealed that the girl went spiraling into drugs and alcohol after her father killed her lover- it makes sense

  5. Anonymous says:

    Apparently it’s about an abusive dad that has a gun sneaks around about and finds the teenagers that are “not sleeping” possibly doing sex. They both died at the end..

  6. poopoo face says:

    this song is my favorite book 🫶🏼

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does Anybody know how violent that is a dad killed his daughter and the man who was with the daughter and the phrases such as” my daddy‘s got a gun my daddy‘s got a gun my daddy‘s got a gun you better run” is the best ever but it is also very violent there’s another one that is“ my babies got the gun my baby‘s got a gun my babies got a gun I better run” is where the daughter has a gun shoots the dad for killing her man😂😂😂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Honestly this is an unpopular opinion but I feel like hayloft two is better

  9. cassanova 💕 says:

    I think that “pop” supposedly shot the girls lover, whilst the hayloft got burned to the ground. In the second song it says “ whatever happened to the hayloft? Burned to the ground, and what about pop?” Also referencing their other song burning pile. I also think that maybe pop wasent the best parent bc it literally also says in the second song “took his ass back to the crack shack”
    I think that the girl had finally convinced herself to kill him as revenge. I also think pop called 911 or something while she was trying to shoot him considering the noise of the phone. The YouTube viral part about of “ a shot in the heart doesn’t make it unbreak “ pops probably shot her lover in the heart but now hers in broken.

  10. GOKU says:

    The song is ok

  11. Clam says:

    Heard this song from my sister, and I’m in love.
    I love songs with a story, not too literal, but not so vague that i’m scrounging for any evidence of one at all.
    And the chorus, chefs kiss. Can get stuck in my head ANY DAY

  12. Old head says:

    I love how everyone on here is like “ love songs with a story”,
    😂 gotta love Gen Z… it’s just a song.. don’t read to hard into it.
    Also lyrics speak for itself

  13. lily says:

    There is a big situation where I am wrong but I think it is about a war that has deteriorated. In Hayloft 1. They tell about the beginning which is basically the father going to some kind of war for his family. And so they sing, my father got a gun. As if to warn those who come against him. And in Hayloft 2, several years have already passed and it is told that the war has deteriorated. In this situation, everyone is on their own, so they sing my baby got a gun. Because they have reached a point where even babies have a gun and they say too. what happened to the young young lovers. As if one of them died in this fraternal war and the other went into such a severe depression than the first that he died on drugs.

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