“Hello” by Lionel Richie

As intimate as the lyrics of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” may sound, in terms of its sentimental origins the narrator would actually be addressing a lady he doesn’t even know. In other words, he is fantasizing about being with the addressee, a woman he is smitten with yet never gave him any indication that she feels the same. But once again going back to the overall tone of the tune, it is also pretty evident that despite not actually being acquainted with her the singer is in fact in love. Indeed he more or less has an entire romantic scenario with her worked out in his head, complete with entertaining the fear, if you will, of her having another lover.

Laura Carrington, the actress who played Lionel Richie’s love interest in the music video of “Hello”

Laura Carrington is an American actress who is best recognized for her role as the blind girl in the music video. In the video, Laura is admired by Richie who happens to be an acting and theatre tutor. The feeling later grows to the point of obsession. However, Richie is unsure if she also feels the same. Interestingly, at the end of the day, it turns out that the lady is also in love with her teacher (Richie).

Aside from playing the iconic role of the blind student in this video, Laura has also starred in a couple of movies and TV shows including the following:

  • “All My Children”
  • “One Life to Live”
  • “General Hospital”

Laura got married to filmmaker, Anthony Barboza, in June 1985. She has three kids.

Did Lionel Richie write “Hello”?

Yes. He is actually credited as the sole writer of this classic. Aside this, he also collaborated with Grammy-winning producer James A. Carmichael to produce it.

Lionel Richie is sued!

Despite performing so well on lots of Billboard charts, “Hello” has had its fair share of controversies. In 1984, renowned songwriter and singer, Marjorie Hoffman White, best known for her 1979 single titled “I’m Not Ready to Go”, sued Richie for allegedly using part of her lyrics in “Hello” without her approval.

According to White, she was the original writer of those lyrics and holds the copyright to that effect. In the suit, which was filed at a Manhattan District Court, the plaintiff asked for the halt in distribution and all production processes of the song. She further demanded to be paid royalties of about $1 million, as well as, banning the singer from performing the song.

Nonetheless, the song, “Hello”, which was off the album titled “Can’t Slow Down”, had recorded over one millions sales and topped a number of charts including UK Singles charts. Other notable singers like Demi Lovato, and Berto La Voz have also recorded their versions of the song.

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