Hello God by Dolly Parton

“Hello God” from 2002 is a powerful and poignant song where Dolly Parton reaches out to the divine. In this track, she questions God about the state of the world, asking for understanding, guidance, and peace.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Dolly Parton's Hello God at Lyrics.org.

This song is featured in the album “Halos And Horns,” where Dolly mixes her spiritual inclinations with her unparalleled storytelling abilities. The album explores various themes, but “Hello God” stands out as a heartfelt plea in troubled times.

Dolly Parton’s faith has always been a significant part of her life and music. With “Hello God,” she invites listeners into her personal conversations with the divine, making it a deeply emotional and resonating experience.

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