“Hotel” by Montell Fish

Montell Fish’s “Hotel” is a song of heartbreak, to some extent. That is to say that it’s not abundantly clear if the vocalist and his sweetheart, the addressee, have actually broken up. Or instead, let’s say that what these simplistic yet vague lyrics read like is as if they have called it quits, but it’s one of those situations where they lack the wherewithal to actually excommunicate each other. 

So as it currently stands, as implied, it’s sorta like they’re playing with one another’s emotions or “messing with” each other, as Montell puts it. And to note, that terminology can also allude to the two of them still being intimate, even though they’re no longer officially together.

So the role that the titular “hotel room” plays in this narrative is that it’s not only where the vocalist and addressee met but also where they still meet from time to time, or something like that. Or in any event, it holds some kind of symbolic significance to this relationship. 

And yes, it is kinda unorthodox for two people who meet inside of a hotel room to develop into an actual romantic couple. Maybe, all lyrics considered, it is in such a facility that the addressee currently resides in. And even though it has deduced that Montell’s addiction to her is lust based, more innocently interpreted it may just be that he thought he could be without her but in attempting to do so found out that he can’t (and vice versa).

Lyrics to Montell Fish's "Hotel"
Montell Fish's "Hotel"

Montell Fish

Montell Fish is a social-media based artist who was born in Pittsburgh though since then has based himself in New York. He made a name for himself along the lines of being a gospel artist, albeit one who apparently transitions back and forth to the R&B side. 

Circa the dropping of “Hotel”, Montell has 1,500,000 followers on TikTok, approximately 270,000 via Instagram and another 800,000 subscribed fans on YouTube. And he also made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon about a month before this track came out. Yet as of this writing the singer Fish, who is concurrently 24 years old, is yet to gain fame globally.

Release Date of “Hotel”

On the 15th September of 2022, this track was put out by Lord’s Child, Montell Fish’s own record label, with the Universal Music Group handling its distribution. 


Montell wrote and produced “Hotel” himself.


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