“Raining Again” by Moby

References to ‘rain’ is one of the most well-worn metaphors in the music industry. In more modern times and within the context of hip-hop, it alludes to the act of spreading dollar bills like there’s no tomorrow. But in a more traditional sense, such references tend to point to the idea of depression.

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And so it is with this piece (“Raining Again”). The lingo utilized isn’t what we would classify as being easy to decipher. But a listener can still tell that the narrative is centered on the vocalist being depressed nonetheless.

And the way the chorus reads is that he is looking for someone(s) to help him get through this ordeal. However, at the same time, based on the metaphors used it can also be ascertained that said individual is dealing with their own melancholy. Or actually, it’s as if depression is ubiquitous, thus compelling people like the vocalist and addressee to seek refuge from it.

And such is more or less how Moby described the meaning of this track in his own words. But more specifically the vocalist and addressee, in the latter case at least as far as the verses are concerned, are in a relationship. And we can presume that it is romantic in nature.

The Long and Short of “Raining Again”

So combining all of the above, perhaps the simplest way to describe this song is at it being focused on a less-than-fulfilling relationship. Yes, Moby does let it be known, in his own metaphorical way, that the “sadness” he and his partner are dealing with is a more widespread concern that extends beyond their personal maladies. 

But the third verse especially drives the point home that the addressee simply isn’t happy in their relationship. And also, the wording used in the title would imply that such a disposition is recurring. Moreover, it can be reasonably put forth that the reason the vocalist himself is depressed, as highlighted earlier in the song, is due to the way that the addressee feels about their union.

So if we really wanted to make our theoretical analysis of this piece easy to digest, we would say that the vocalist’s partner wants a full divorce. And that in turn is also giving him the blues. However, he is perceptive enough to know that there are a whole lotta other people more or less going through the exact same thing.

Lyrics to Moby's "Raining Again"
What Moby said of "Raining Again"

Quick Facts

The multi-talented Moby both wrote and produced “Raining Again”. And it is one of six singles that were issued from his album “Hotel“, with this particular track coming out on 23 May 2005.

This track was put out by Mute Records. And it went on to chart in nearly 10 European countries, performing most impressively in Belgium.

Raining Again

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