“How You Make a Man” by Craig Morgan  

Craig Morgan’s “How You Make a Man” starts off on sort of a religious, or let’s say existential slant, with the vocalist harping back to the creation of man and origins of the universe even. But what he is alluding to, as in the title, is what goes into making a “man”. And in this case, it can be deemed that the narrator is very much speaking within the context of the masculine sense of that word.

So what is referred to earlier on, i.e. the Book of Genesis and the “Big Bang” theory, is what he has been taught in regards to making men, as in human beings, in a literal sense. But what this song is more specifically speaking to is ‘making a man’ as in a boy maturing into a full-fledged adulthood. 

The Lyrics

As relayed, that doesn’t have anything to do with religious or scientific beliefs. Instead, as explained by Morgan in his own words, it’s more about hardship fashioning one into “a better human” being.

But again, as presented in the lyrics he is singing from a distinct masculine perspective. So for instance, it was the vocalist’s dad, unlike other authority figures in his life, who enlightened him to the above philosophy, that personal progress is achieved through hardship. 

And one of the profound ways Craig learned this himself is after fully falling in love in his early 20s, only to have his heart destroyed by this woman he loved. To the vocalist, it was then that he began transitioning from boyhood into manhood. That is to say that when this lady “left” him “a boy broken”, he leaned on his dad’s advice to emotionally get him through the ordeal and matured accordingly.

So now, as climaxed in the bridge, the vocalist is apparently addressing another romantic interest, i.e. the one who is currently in his life. And what Morgan is telling her is that it was harrowing experiences such as the one above which made him into the man he is today, i.e. one who is worthy of giving her the love that she deserves.

lyrics of "How You Make a Man"
Craig Morgan explains "How You Make a Man"

Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan is a country music singer from Tennessee. He was actually active as a member of the US Army for nearly a decade before commencing his music career. As such, being born during the mid-1960s, he was somewhat of a latecomer to game, as in possessing a discography that commenced in the year 2000. 

Craig has done well for himself, within all but one of the seven studio albums he’s dropped thus far, scoring within the top 20 of Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. Three of these albums also made it onto the top 10 of that list.

How You Make a Man

This track was released on 5 August 2022. It is a part of the Deluxe Edition of “God, Family, Country”, which is a Craig Morgan compilation album. This project is a product of Broken Bow Records.

How You Make a Man

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