Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” Lyrics Meaning

The title of this song (“Cherry Wine”) serves as a metaphor for how the singer feels about his romantic interest, i.e. she being “sweet as cherry wine”. But don’t let that expression fool you into believing that this is your conventional love song. Yes, he is in fact infatuated, or you may even say in love with this particular lady. But while simultaneously expressing his adoration of her, he equally alludes to the fact that she is emotionally and even physically abusive towards. Moreover he drops a pretty-strong hint in the second verse that she may be cheating on him. And instead of acknowledging her own shortcomings, instead she is constantly beefing with him. 

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Sentiments expressed in “Cherry Wine”

Basically, there are two different sentiments being expressed throughout. One is based on Hozier’s unbreakable attachment to this lady, and the other is him documenting how she regularly and even brutally mistreats him.


So at the end of the day, the title of this song is not meant to lead us to the idea of Hozier’s appreciation of his lover per se. Rather it speaks more to the reality of him being so emotionally and physically attached that he is unable, or rather let’s say unwilling to leave her. For at the end of the day he feels as if her loving is “worth” the abuse he endures.

Facts about “Cherry Wine”

“Cherry Wine” can be found on Hozier’s self-titled maiden album.

The music video to this song, which had Dearbhla Walsh as its director, featured internationally-renowned actress Saorise Ronan. And opposite her was another award-winning actor, Moe Dunford.

When “Cherry Wine” was released as the seventh single from “Hozier”, it was done so as a charity song. And its proceeds were used to sponsor various domestic-violence NGOs.

Hozier exclusively handled both the song’s writing and production.

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